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Become A COMPAS Artist!

Become a COMPAS Artist!

Next Application Deadline: Friday, February 21, 2014, 5:00 p.m.

This information was taken directly from the COMPAS website:

The COMPAS Artist Roster includes the top Teaching Artists in the state of Minnesota. More than 60 artists offer residencies for schools and community sites. Another 30-40 artists/ensembles offer Performances and Workshops. We issue a Call for Artists about once every two years. We generally look for experienced Teaching Artists who work in specific art forms, especially those that are not already being offered by our current artists, or individuals who are from a range of cultural or ethnic backgrounds.

Note: Educators and sites are increasingly looking for ways that the arts can align with academic standards or 21st Century Learning Skills. Artists with the ability to demonstrate how their art form can be devetailed with these elements, without sacrificing the quality of the artistic component, are more likely to be given consideration.

To learn more about the current members of our Roster, check out the Artist Profiles that can be accessed through the Arts Education Program pages.

Our Program Models

Please review our “Our Programs” page to read about our residency and performance programs.

Application and Selection

Once an artist has submitted the required information listed below, the application process consists of an initial round of consideration by COMPAS staff, followed by finalists having a face-to-face interview with our Arts Education Advisory Committee. If selected, incoming artists then attend a New Artists Workshop, followed by individual training meetings with COMPAS staff, as needed.

Minimum Qualifications

While we are open to a wide variety of artistic approaches and backgrounds, without the following elements your application has little chance of being accepted:

  • Minnesota resident
  • Demonstrated ability as an artist
  • Prior residency or teaching experience (of less importance if only applying to provide Performances)
  • Hiring is contingent upon submitting a Criminal Background Check

To Apply

Please submit the following materials by the due date shown on the latest “Call for Artists.” Application paperwork can be submitted electronically to Daniel Gabriel, daniel@compas.org, or mailed to COMPAS offices to Daniel’s attention.  Work samples other than straight literary text must be submitted on CD or DVD. Please note the very specific formatting requested. This is due to grant requirements from the MN State Arts Board:

Cover Letter (one page only) Why are you interested in this program? What do you bring to the table? Are there important things we should know about you that don’t fit on your resume? Please include name, affiliation and contact information for up to 3 professional references.

Artistic Resume (2 pages max) Include the following elements, organized into these 4 categories (number and heading must be in bold):

1. Teaching artist background/education/training

2. Teaching experience (include dates/location)

3. Ages, demographics, and unique characteristics of past learners)

4. Professional artistic history (working/exhibiting/participating/honors)

Sample Lesson Plan Can be anything from a very specific one-hour plan for a given age group, to a more general weeklong overview. The key is to be concise and to demonstrate that as a Teaching Artist, you are prepared, organized and are able to coordinate your work with the intention of meeting artistic or academic goals.

Include the following elements, organized into these 8 categories (number and heading must be in bold):

1. Title and descriptive overview of lesson

2. Description of arts learning community (age/grade/developmental level; number of arts learners)

3. Time required for lesson

4. Resources and equipment required

5. Learning goals for arts learners

6. Lesson tasks and activities toward outcomes

7. Evaluation methods for assessment of learning goals

8. Lesson alignment to state/national educational standards or community learning goals.

Performance Outline (Necessary only if you are applying to offer Performances) A performance is composed of a series of sections or events that flow in a logical sequence to form a clear, overarching structure. To help organize your ideas for a performance and to help us understand what you do and why, we ask you to outline your proposed program. You may provide this outline in standard “outline” form, in narrative form, or in a visual diagrammatic form—whatever is easiest, as long as it is legible and clear.

Work Sample This should represent the best of your work, not the work of students whom you have taught.

Writers: 8-12 pages, single-sided, double spaced, all pages numbered.

Visual Artists: 5-6 images on CD (include title/medium/date created), or follow directions for time-based work

Performing Artists: 2 minutes of time-based work on CD/DVD (include title/genre/date created). Be sure the work sample focuses on you. If, say, you’re a choreographer or a playwright, let us know that so we understand your role in the production.

What Is the Rate of Pay?

Residencies and Workshops: Our rates are competitive and are equal across the board for all our roster artists.  Rates are set each school year.

Performances: Performers set their own rates in consultation with COMPAS staff.


Contact Daniel Gabriel at daniel@compas.org or 651-292-3254. Good luck!