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Northwest Regional Sustainable Development Partnership is wants your Ideas!

Photo Cred: Jeff Bullas

The NWRSDP invites ideas!

The Regional Partnerships support and facilitate research, education, planning and policy projects consistent with the RSDP mission, goals and principles.

Three Bedrock Principles that guide the work of the Partnerships are:

  • Develop and sustain a richer and more vibrant partnership with the citizens of each region and their land grant university.
  • Address agricultural, natural resources, and tourism issues consistent with sustainable development principles.
  • Promote the concept of active citizenship, which calls on us to think first and foremost as citizens with a commitment to working through issues and exploring opportunities in an integrated and democratic manner.

Have an idea? Seed funding is available for projects that build robust community-University partnerships. Download this Project Idea Brief, share your idea, and submit it.  (If you can’t link out to it the form is here  —–>project-idea-brief-form-rsdp)

The Work Groups meet in even numbered months;

Idea Briefs are due:

  • March 30, 2015
  • May 30, 2015
  • Sept 30, 2015.

If the project request is $2,500 or less, is aligned with the bedrock principles and priorities, and has clearly defined timeline and deliverables, funding decisions will be based on Idea Brief.

For project requests greater than $2,500, a full proposal is needed. If you wish to start with the full proposal, please request the form from Linda Kingery.

NWRSDP anticipates $53,000 to invest in projects in during FY16.

Please contact Linda Kingery at 218-281-8697 or kinge002@umn.edu for more details.

More info can be found here.