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Rachel Latuff, Miss Minnesota to Visit Middle River

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Photo cred: Sara Merriam Photography

Miss Minnesota, Rachel Latuff will be attending the Miss North Star Pageant in Middle River on Sunday, September 20.

Ms. Latuff is a secondary visual arts teacher for St. Louis County School and is a graduate of University of Minnesota – Dultuh with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in K-12 Art Education.

Ms. Latuff’s platform is, “Teaching the Heart: Building the Social and Emotional Wellness of Youth and Their Teachers.”  Ms. Latuff is expected to perform her talent

Miss Minnesota says,

“Only you define yourself and your creative ambitions. Embrace every side to your personality while never feeling afraid to fail. When we fail, it builds us to become a stronger person. Failure is the growth of success. It means you embody the will to improve. When you learn to accept yourself, how your talents serve others, and carry nonstop determination… you will achieve things beyond anything you’ve imagined. It takes grit, passion, a sprinkle of creativity, and a lot of dedication. Accepting all of who you are will allow you to become the best version of yourself.” -Ms. Latuff/Miss Minnesota 2015

Find out more about Miss Minnesota HERE.

Healing Minnesota Art Project

Ms. Latuff has been instrumental in getting the Healing Minnesota Art Project off the ground.  It focuses on helping “youth create artwork they feel represents the history and growing diversity in the state.”

Her goal is to share the project through out the state for teachers and educators alike to use in their classroom to empower youth.  This is a public art project with art work displayed around the Capitol.  This project is in collaboration with the Healing Minnesota Stories project.

Miss North Star Pageant

Middle River

Sunday, September 20   3 p.m.  @ MR School

$8 admission

Approximately 2 hours