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Arts Advocacy Day: March 17th!

Arts Advocacy Day is March 17th - MnCitizensForTheArts!

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mca_logo“Thank you” is not a message legislators hear very often.

On March 17, 2016 Minnesota Citizens for the Arts will join hundreds of arts advocates from around the state to the State Capitol for “Arts Advocacy Day” to thank legislators for following through on the promise of the Legacy Amendment that dedicated funds to the arts. Register here.

Minnesotans overwhelmingly passed the Legacy Amendment by 56%, in 2008. In the past several years arts advocates and supportive legislators had to fight off suggestions that the Legacy Arts & Culture Fund be used to build a stadium or be redirected to benefit pet projects in just one district.

 “Despite many attempts to divert the Arts & Culture fund to unrelated or unworthy projects, the legislature has actually stood firm to protect the wishes of the voters, and we want to thank them for following through, ” said Sheila Smith, MCA’s Executive Director. “The legislature is doing the right thing and we want to recognize that.”


It’s the biggest arts networking day of the year!

MCA invites you to join your fellow arts advocates at the Minnesota History Center and State Capitol to talk about the arts, make new friends, and educate our legislators.  Together we will speak about the impact that arts funding has had on our lives and our communities. Meet great arts people from all over the state, and make a difference with your friends and neighbors.

You and your team will be led by an experienced advocate who has participated in past Arts Advocacy Days and knows what to do. Following a brief rally, you and your team will visit a series of legislators over the morning, giving you plenty of time to get to know your teammates and the issues you are discussing.

By working together we show the strength of Minnesota’s arts community. Let your elected officials know what you think!


7:30 AM: Doors Open at the Minnesota History Center

8:00 AM: Advocacy Class for New Attendees or Registration & Coffee (For those not attending class.)

8:30 AM: Update on the Creative Minnesota Project

9:00 AM: Rally & Join your Team

10:00 AM: Walk or Take MCA Shuttle to Capitol

10:00 AM – 2:00 PM: Legislator Appointments (MCA Homebase will be in the Transportation Building.)

Watch this great video: