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Workshop: Adventures in Illustration

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council proudly presents:



Illustrator Nicholas Jackson

“Christmas in Bemidji” Cover: Nicholas Jackson

Cost: $15

Date: Monday, August 10

Time: 1:30 – 4:30

Location: NWMAC Office Conference

109 S. Minnesota St.

Warren, MN 56732


According to his website, Nicholas is a Minnesota-based illustrator who enjoys creating “fantastical stories, where each piece is a new adventure.”

“Flowers in Her Hair” : Nicholas Jackson

His clientele includes, Harpers Collins Publishers, Oxford University Press, National Geographic, Barbie and more.

During this workshop, attendees will walk through the creative process with Nicholas Jackson from concept to finished painting.  Nicholas talks about his life, how he got into art and what drives him to illustrate.  He also talks about the life of a commissioned illustrator and how that differs from that of a fine artist.

Nicholas will take attendees through the fundamentals in digital painting over a traditional medium in what he calls, “Digital Trickery.”

The next portion of the workshop he’ll discuss various practical aspects of the illustration profession such as accounting, advertising, how to find work, how to price work, how to work on projects you enjoy, and the importance of personal projects.

Nicholas then walks attendees through the creation of a basic illustration, from sketch to painting.

The rest of the workshop is a “Q&A.”

To find out more, visit his website by clicking on the link below:


Please fill out the form below to submit your registration.  Payment can be mailed in to our offices before the class or by calling:

(218) 745-911 or (218) 230-0035

or emailing: tmjacobson16@gmail.com

(Attendees traveling outside a 50 mile radius who live within our  7 County Service Area may be eligible for mileage reimbursement, please enquire if you qualify.)