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Warroad School Mural

The Warroad School District recently completed a mural in the Warroad Elementary cafeteria with the help of artist Victor Yepez and the 6th grade students. The theme of the mural is the four seasons around Lake of the Woods incorporating all the great elements of northern Minnesota.


The project was a collaboration between an artist and 6th grade students taking three weeks to complete. The artist spent the first week getting to know the students, forming the focus of the mural with extensive student input and designing the mural. The second and third weeks were spent executing the design on the chosen space. The artist worked with the 6th graders to focus and design the project. He worked with smaller groups of students (6 to 8 per group) to paint the project during weeks two and three. This gave more students a chance to participate, learn and experience working with a professional artist.IMG_1773


Principal Brenda Jordan said, “It turned out terrific.  I love the colors.  We also painted the whole rest of the lunchroom so it is all fresh.  We took off the old base trim around the bottom of the walls and added a solid fresh black border.  It really looks great.  Victor was a great guy to work with.  The kids enjoyed him.” The project was funded with an Arts Legacy Grant.

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