Hooper Prize — $3,500 Artist Grants

$3,500 Artist Grants | The Hopper Prize

The Hopper Prize (https://hopperprize.org/) is now accepting entries for Spring 2021 artist grants. 

For this open call, they have 2 grant awards for $3,500 and 4 grants in the amount of $1,000. Grants will be awarded through an open call art competition juried by leading contemporary curators.

The Hopper Prize was established in order to increase the recognition of artwork created by artists and photographers. Their aim is to advance artists’ careers by providing them with unrestricted financial support that is coupled with a platform for increased visibility. They accept submissions twice a year via an open call.

Program Highlights

Total Awards: $11,000.00 USD for visual artists

— $3,500.00 – 2 artists will each receive a $3,500 (USD) grant

— $1,000.00 – 4 artists will each receive a $1,000 (USD) grant

— 30 artists will have their work archived at hopperprize.org

— A selection from the submissions will be featured on our Instagram feed @hopperprize

— Additional exposure will be available to winners through Journal: Insights into Contemporary Art (https://hopperprize.org/journal/)

Connect with Curators


The Hopper Prize is open to all artists age 18 and older working in any media. There are no restrictions on genre, subject matter, or media. They welcome entries in all media.

They are committed to supporting artists from diverse cultural backgrounds at all stages of their professional careers. All artists are encouraged to apply.


May 18, 2021

Simple Application

They made their grant application simple to reduce the stress of submitting your work and save you time. The application is short and can be completed in under 20 minutes.

To apply for a grant, you only need to submit this information:

— Name & Email

— Instagram Username (optional)

— Up to 10 Image or Video attachments

— Artwork captions

— Artist Statement & Biography (optional)

— $40 submission fee

Apply Now

Show them your work at https://hopperprize.org