Online Summer Art Camps for All ages

Online Summer Art Camps for All Ages Hosted by the North Dakota Museum of Art in Grand Forks
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TAIT SIMONSON Digital Drawing 
Three different online classes!

Camp 1: ages 8 – 13
Camp 2: ages 14 – 17
Camp 3: ages 18 and older
June 29 – July 3 Ever want to create a wonderful work of art, but just don’t have the materials? This is the camp for you! It is all digital! We love using our phones and devices so why not make art with them! Learn to draw and paint digitally on a whole new level with this camp! Four unique art lessons on making digital art, step by step directions from start to finish, that will teach you better understanding of techniques and process of digital art making!  Each day includes a pre-recorded demonstration. You’ll upload your images and get feedback from the teacher and other students in the online classroom. We’re looking forward to seeing you! These classes are a combination of working on your own time and meeting together using Zoom.   Monday – Friday. Four lessons and three Zoom meetings. Different techniques and instructions based on age level. Each camp is limited to 15 people.
Monday: Mountain Landscape

Tuesday: Abstract Art

Wednesday: Contour Line Drawing

Thursday: Desert Sunset Landscape

Friday: Review and Celebrate! 

Camp 1 Zoom meetings: Ages 8 – 13

Introduction Mon. (6/29/2020): 9:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Wed. (7/1/2020): 9:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Fri.(7/3/2020): 9:00 am 40 minutes 

Camp 2 Zoom meetings: Ages 14 – 17

Introduction Mon. (6/29/2020): 10:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Wed. (7/1/2020): 10:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Fri.(7/3/2020): 10:00 am 40 minutes 

Camp 3 Zoom meetings: Ages 18 and older

Introduction Mon. (6/29/2020): 11:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Wed. (7/1/2020): 11:00 am 40 minutes Review and discuss Fri.(7/3/2020): 11:00 am 40 minutes
 You will need a gmail account (email address) to access the classroom. Secure classroom codes sent after registration.
Members $100 
Non-members $120
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Tait Simonson is from Faith, South Dakota, today he does most of his creative art work from Grand Forks, North Dakota. He attended undergraduate school at the University of South Dakota receiving his Bachelor of Fine Art Degree with an emphasis in Sculpture. He then went on to attend graduate school at the Pacific Northwest College of Fine Art to receive his Master’s of Fine Arts degree. Since then he has been teaching Art at Central Valley Public School K-12, while receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Valley City State University. He specializes in sculpture and, focuses on light based architecturally responsive work, he also enjoys working with metal, clay, and wood.