Grant Info & Training Workshops for Artists

Interested in learning more about available grants and how to apply for them?  We will be holding two grant information and training workshops for artists at our office.

When:    Wednesday, September 28 @ 1 pm;

Wednesday, October 5 @ 7 pm

Where:  109 S Minnesota Street, Warren, MN  56762

RSVP:    218-745-9111

During the workshop, Mara Hanel will help artists register for our on-line system and begin a grant application.  Attendees will view the grant application on a large TV while you are lead step by step through the process of applying.  The workshop will be an hour.  Attendees will receive a printed draft copy of the grant to take home.  Mara will discuss other successful projects and what makes their application strong within the rating system.

If you cannot attend the workshop and need assistance call to schedule a one-on-one consultation.  You must have your entire application complete and submitted by the deadline.  This includes your work sample, work sample description, budget, quotes, and one letter of recommendation.

What is a typical project?  Often, grant proposals are to buy items that directly relate to your art like upgrading an instrument or replacing worn out visual art equipment.  Sometimes proposals are to attend a workshop that is important for your artistic growth then create a new body of work as a result of that learning.  Some grants are to allow artists to create a new body of work, then promote and showcase the result.

What is hard to get funded?  It is difficult to receive funding for items that are part of daily life like computers, printers, cameras, cell phones, etc.  It is also difficult to receive funding to travel to destinations for art training that have the appearance of a vacation.  It is difficult to receive funds to start a new arts medium since your current work sample is important to the application process and must show work within the medium you are applying.

Can I pay myself while I work on my project?  Yes, the McKnight Foundation, encourages established artists to be able to use grant funds to pay themselves to work on the project.  If awarded a grant however careful tracking needs to occur on the form provided.  If awarded all receipts for expenses need to accompany the final report or full or partial funding will be returned including the completed time tracking form.

Support for our Fellowship program comes from the McKnight Foundation. The McKnight Foundation in Minneapolis awards the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council $70,000 annually to provide grants and services to artists. Please see the McKnight page on our website that provides a summary and links to this programming. To see if you quality for this grant visit the grants link at or call 218-745-9111 or email