The MC Knight Foundation

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has had a more than 25 year partnership with the McKnight Foundation and receives $70,000 from them annually to support the arts in our region. The McKnight Foundation funds the state’s 11 Regional Arts Councils (RACs), established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1977 to encourage local art and cultural activity throughout the state. Since 2010, the RACs have directed all McKnight funding to support individual artists and artist-centered activities. The Foundation’s program goal is to support working artists to create vibrant communities. Minnesota thrives when its artists thrive

The impact is significant in our region as their support funds artist grants, artists featured in our gallery, the Artists of NW Minnesota booklet, our Work of Art Training series, the Artist of Year and Northwest Star lifetime achievement awards, and the adult awards at the NW MN Art Exhibit.

Serving Artists and Arts Organizations