Misti Koop Teaching Artist



Misti is from East Grand Forks and Park Rapids, MN.

Performing Artist Residency

Misti has been a performer, musician and music teacher in our region for all of her life. She has been a part of companies such as Frost Fire Summer Theatre, Fort Totten Little Theater, the SPA Program, the Fire Hall Theatre and the Empire Theatre (Grand Forks), the Grand Forks and East Grand Forks Schools, the Medora Musical, and Summer Arts Stages and its traveling counterpart, Summer Arts Safari.

Misti enjoys reaching out to our communities through teaching and performance. She especially enjoys inspiring and encouraging young people in the performing arts. Having taught band, general music and acting, she relates to students of all ages and skill levels. She genuinely embraces their artistic need to understand and succeed. Most recently, Misti has created and performs her own show, “Get Misti-fied,” for young audiences visiting Medora, ND during the summer season.

Misti creates a safe and loving environment for creativity to blossom. She carefully guides groups of students through a series of theatrical warm-ups and exercises to establish a platform for safe and encouraging experimentation and learning. Next she seamlessly works in improvisation activities, singing and movement.

Misti can tailor her workshops to meet the needs and experience level of any specific student population. Some of her topics include audition workshops, theatrical improvisation, monologue writing and delivery, instrumental instruction, script analysis and scene work, team building, and speech/forensics coaching.

Misti is her own art. You won’t meet her without it. She genuinely cares for each and every student she works with. Her own theatrical and musical experiences, along with her teaching experiences, impact her ability to reach all.

Misti holds a Music Education degree from Gustavus Adolphus College, and a Masters degree in Theater Arts from the University of North Dakota.

“Get Misti-fied!”

Through a series of acting workshops, improvisation exercises and music, my residency will guide students to collaborate, create, and perform a production unique to their community and region of Northwest Minnesota. This residency can also be adapted to enhance a social studies unit that is already in place.

Age/Grade Level of Participants:  4th – 5th Grades

End Product:  Each student will participate in his/her group’s skit and song. Each student will contribute to the production: helping with skit & song development, prop building, and performance!  On the final day, the public will be invited to attend the production that students have created.

Upper Elementary

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