Marissa Steien

There is so much creative potential and freedom in the realm of pop music.


Marissa goes by Reissa as a musician and lives in Karlstad, MN

As a musician with classical training in voice and piano, my desire and skillset in writing, producing, and performing pop music was born out of pure love and curiosity. Whether it’s studying Bowie, Michael Jackson, Diplo, Bruno Mars, or Whitney Houston, count me in on being a lifelong learner and educator in the colorful field of pop music. As a teacher, I aim to inspire and equip students with musical knowledge and instill effective technique concerning their craft of choice, especially in the following disciplines: voice, piano, DAW software, guitar, and synthesizer. The goal is to train and equip students so they may thrive and create in the pop music scene with joy and artistic liberty.

With a Bachelor of Science in Music from the University of Northwestern Saint Paul, I highly value and encourage formal education in the arts. However, the breath of my knowledge of the pop music scene and project management have come through experience.  Under the artist name REISSA, I have had over 30 of my own shows since starting my career in 2016, and I am building YouTube Channel and online music presence. Since 2014, I have taught students  in my private music studio. I have also served as contemporary worship leader and music director at several different churches and currently serve at Epiphany Station in Thief River Falls, MN.  In addition, I coordinated the New Life Bible Teen Camp in Lake Bronson, MN, for the past two years as dean and music director.

Whether it is sharing pop music as an artist, volunteering to serve others at an outreach service, or teaching and training my music students, I value sharing my art with others and equipping them to create and enjoy pop music like I do. I believe every human being has immense potential to do great things – to create great art! As a life-long learner and teacher, I believe it is my job to let my students know they are capable of great things; that they can succeed in their craft and in their lives.

Title of Residency: “Introduction to Pop Music Creation”

Brief overview of the residency:

  • “Introduction to Pop Music Creation” is a residency that will be taught by performing artist, Marissa Steien (REISSA). Classes will include: pop music history, music terminology, music theory, brief development of instrument of choice, and production of student’s pop music idea.

Age/Grade Level of Participants:  9th – 12th Grade

Length of Residency: 5 Days (Can be consecutive, twice a week, or once a week)

Number of Sessions: 10 sessions (2 per day)

Title/content of Sessions:

  1. Teacher Intro & Residency Overview
  2. Pop Music History & Nomenclature
  3. Sound Design & Physics
  4. Basic Music Theory
  5. Developing Artist’s Craft of Choice: Voice, Songwriting, Instrument, or DAW
  6. Basic Pop Song Structure
  7. Songwriting Basics
  8. Project Part 1: Mapping Song

9.Project Part 2: Developing Song

  1. Project Part 3: Presenting Song

Supply List:

  1. Teaching Room with tables/desks/chairs
  2. White Screen & Projector
  3. Computer Lab with Apple Computers
  4. Audio speakers in teaching room
  5. White board with markers

End Product:  Instruction and knowledge gained into the field of pop music and an MP3 format of an original music creation by student.

How will you display this residency and the product(s) to the public?

We will place students MP3 on teacher’s website, on school website, teacher’s Facebook page, and students can share their work on their social media sites.

Other details of this residency:  Introduction to Pop Music Creation is a fun but challenging class to teach. I would prefer students with a background in music to take this class.

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