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Mara Hanel has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on textiles and photography.  She enjoys creating public art and has several pieces permanently on display.  She loves an environment that encourages students of all ages to bring creative expression to a topic that they are studying.  Many students are visual learners and her residency provides a unique way to capture new knowledge.

Watercolor portrait titled Grandpa Earl by Mara Hanel

Mara finds that expressing beauty as well as hardship are both part of her artistic nature, and what she desires for others.  She especially loves to encourage expression through topics like equity, human rights, empowering women, recycling, and community pride.  She strives to help creative people bring forward their talent.  Practice.  Work hard to create amazing results.

Birch by Mara Hanel. This textile collage is in the permanent collection at Northwest Minnesota Foundation offices.

Mixed Media Portraits Residency 

Students will learn to draw a face by closely observing features of the individual.  Students will add watercolor wash and refresh their memory on complimentary colors.  Very specific use of watercolor pencil, fabric, and adornments will add symbolism of that individual to the frame.   Mara will lead them through writing a very specific statement on the individual that will compliment their piece.  This will help them learn to write an artist statement.

Example of project art that depicts a family member who is a veteran and symbolism of his military service.

Subject matter can be themselves, a family member, or a person that they are studying in school.  For instance, Martin Luther King Jr. might be the subject for the entire class to draw and adorn.   Or pieces on a Veteran in their life.

Mara will demonstrate drawing, as her students draw, to help them see exactly how to create an eye, nose, mouth, jaw line, ear and hair.  She will show examples of her own painting of portraits, drawing of faces, and finished textile collage works to the class.

This residency is for upper elementary and above, including adults.  Typical class residency:  four class hours for five days in a row ending in a parents program open to the community or pieces on display at a concert.

Supplies provided by school for each student: 5 sheets of copy paper, #2 pencil, glue, scissor, cup of water.   Fee of $3.00 per student for Mara’s supplies.  Artist fees to lead the residency are $1,500.00 for the week and mileage round trip from Warren, MN at the government rate each day and/or hotel lodging, if needed.

Press release example and flyer on Mara Hanel available.  Please note that due to Mara Hanel being an employee of the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council, this activity is not eligible for grant funds from NWMAC.

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