Kristin Eggerling Teaching Artist


Kristin lives in Hallock.

I enjoy writing and editing books, articles, creative non-fiction, grants and newsletters. I love telling the story of places and people, the editing process and helping others communicate in a clear, concise and creative way.

I am a published author of Breath of Wilderness: The Life of Sigurd Olson, a children’s book about wilderness advocate and writer Sigurd Olson. I am passionate about preserving wild places and exposing kids to the outdoors. Sig taught me that writing is a platform to change the world; a way to give voice to my values and passions. This can be serious — like my love for the outdoors or standing up for women’s issues or human rights. But it can also be irreverent and a way to share my humor –why I hate Snicker doodle cookies … or … coming to terms with life’s daily annoyances.

Writing is my passion, but it’s also a platform for my values like protecting the wilderness. If my writing connects one child to the outdoors, it was worth writing. If it inspires kids to stand up for what they believe, it was a success. If kids or adults realize the benefits of protecting the outdoors because of my writings or work, I have accomplished what I set out to.

I have a BA in sociology from Augsburg College and an MA in sociology from the University of Manitoba. I live in Hallock and Minneapolis, and am originally from Iowa.

Storytelling in Writing Residency by Kristin Eggerling

Students may not think they are storytellers, but they hear and tell stories every day. This residency will introduce storytelling, writing and interviewing to students. Students will write a polished personal essay and a profile of someone. This will involve interviewing another student and someone outside of class.

Students will learn writing craft like…

  • adding sensory description, voice, scenes
  • show don’t tell
  • identifying overwriting
  • how to critique
  • journal writing
  • brainstorming
  • strong words
  • revision and editing
  • public reading
  • interviewing skills

Storytelling and writing games will be played to be imaginative and have fun, including creative writing prompts, quick writes, spark words, journal writing, character writing, flying balls, no send letter, and change the story. They will have the option of being taped as they read on their pieces to create a podcast of their work. Writing is a life skill and an opportunity for kids to find their voice, self-reflect and understand themselves. Telling someone’s story connects students to them and shares a slice of humanity.

The length of the residency is optional and the outcomes will depend on the time spent. This can range from 2 hours to 10 sessions or more. Please reach out and we can discuss the options!

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