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Jolene is from Greenbush, MN.

Glass fusing is taking various layers of glass and melting them together.  I tell people fused glass is somewhere between stained glass and glass blowing. My work is divided between functional work, glass art and jewelry.  I use the heat of the kiln to form my glass, varying temperatures, types of glass, molds, paint and firing times to produce different effects.  


I call glass my hobby gone wild.   I love learning, creating and trying new methods.  I started glass fusing in 2009.  My first ceramic kiln  was purchased for $50 and I started on the kitchen table cutting glass.  I now have 5 kilns with digital controllers and have taken many classes to learn new techniques.


Building a studio has allowed me to share my fascination with this art form.  I taught classes for adults, church youth groups, a high school art class and several library programs for kids. 


I enjoy teaching all ages and would love to work with your group, however large or small.


Here are some things I like to share as we learn and create: History and science of glass, design ideas and challenges.  Each student will learn and create a unique art piece our of glass.  Classes can be geared toward specific projects or learning a wide variety of techniques.


  • ornaments 
  • coasters/plates
  • jewelry
  • painting on glass
  • sun catchers
  • Photoshop projects 
  • larger group project for fundraiser 

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs, ages and interest of the class and goals and preferences of the teachers.

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