Christine Foster Teaching Artist


Christine lives in Thief River Falls, MN.

Visual Art Residency

“Kids love it when Christine comes to teach art!  They view her as a treat and enjoy learning about the elements of visual art.  They are inspired for weeks afterward.”  – Challenger Elementary teacher.  

I am a visual artist who enjoys seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary.  When I discover that moment I feel compelled to capture it.  Capturing the light is the first essential element.  Secondly, I focus on  values, color, atmosphere and  unity.  When I am in the process of creating I feel timeless — at one with my Creator and free.

For several years, I have enjoyed working as an artist in residency in the Thief River Falls elementary; and have been a substitute teacher throughout the district.  My residency is well received!

I specialize in drawing, oil and watercolor. I graduated from Bethel College (University) with a Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and Art Education. I had the privilege of mentoring under Dale Johnson for those 5 years.  He taught me vision, visual expression and artistic inspiration.  I then had the honor of being mentored by Joe Paquet for 7 years.  He taught me how to see; and paint value, light, atmosphere and color.  He also showed me how to find unity and connectedness in my painting.

“Christine’s work is colorful, honest, sincere and radiant.  It is joyful inspiration, full of life and essence.”

Visual Art Residency

My goal is to help people to see in a new way.  I believe that if I can teach people how to see, I can teach them how to draw and paint.  I want to give to others what I have been given. I have a gift for engaging students and getting them excited about the creative process.

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