Celeste Hoffman Teaching Artist



Celeste makes her home in Goodridge, MN.

Celeste Hoffman offers a residency in the visual arts with acrylic painting.  With a belief that we all can paint with ridiculously amazing results, she is eager to share some basic techniques in realistic painting.

Celeste brings a joy-filled experience with hands–on projects tackling simple concepts and tool maintenance.  She believes Artistic Expression is a forever tool that can be enjoyed with just a little knowledge and play.

Celeste is a self-taught visual artist who continues to enjoy and explore a variety of mediums but is accomplished in pencil, oil, and acrylics.  Her work is inspired by family and nature.


As an Artist in Residence at Challenger Elementary in Thief River Falls, for over 20 years, she has been able to fine-tune what works in a classroom setting.

“We can explore the quiet control of pencil, marker, or paint which helps us journey to our sacred self within; or the loose abstract of marker and paint that gives us permission to be easy with our project and ourselves.”

Celeste lives on a farm south of Goodridge, Minnesota, with her husband.  She often entertains grandchildren and others in her Art Barn.  She believes there is Joyful Power in the Arts.

Her professional and volunteer work has always gravitated towards the creative side whether it was painting faux finishes in homes, offices, banks, or restaurants to presently working as a Scenic Artist for Chanhassen Dinner Theater, as needed for the past four years.

How she nurtures the creative process:

  • Knowledge is Power – Learning about supplies being used and tool maintenance is a valuable foundation to all future painting projects.
  • Through uplifting verbal games like “What color is my shadow?”, “What flavor am I?’, and “Where is the sun?’’, students are encouraged to see and view a clearer world. The ability to see is key to realistic painting and drawing.
  • Through step-by-step and one-on-one instruction, basic techniques are simple and clear.


The Joy of Painting Candy  – Celeste offers easy, 1 hour 1 day projects, painting with acrylics on paper bags.  No painting experience is needed at this level.  These projects will show the power of highlight and shadow to produce a realistic flair.

She offers longer advance projects, painting on the lid of a brown box with additional emphasis on design and color.

Landscape Painting – Celeste offers Landscape painting on canvas with acrylics. These projects will add the power of brush strokes, blending, splattering, dry brush, and perspective to create realistic paintings.  Students will produce surprising results.  Projects vary from 1 ½ hour-1 day to 3 hours over two days..

Grade level is 4th to 8th  *  Artful Adults

All projects can be adapted to fit the needs of the class and preferences of the teacher.

“So let’s pause and tap into the creative side.”

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