Annie Fitzgerald Teaching Artist

Contact:, 612-210-1833

Annie lives in Crookston, Minnesota.

About Annie

Singer/Songwriter Annie Fitzgerald was encouraged to explore her creativity at an early age. Active in dance and music growing up, she went on to get a B.M. from the University of MN (Twin Cities) in Vocal Performance, and then worked as a singer/dancer/actor in productions at the Ordway and as a company member at Chanhassen Dinner Theatres. While she enjoyed performing other peoples work, she found curiosity and healing in singing her own songs, and in 2005 she moved to NYC and shifted her focus to songwriting. 

Annie’s music has been described as “a blend of Tori Amos’ intellectual appeal, Sarah McLachlan’s mystical charm and Edie Brickell’s baroque spirit” (Jamsphere).  Her second album You & Me & the Sun was released in June of 2018 to critical acclaim. Since her first album In Good Time, Annie has been honored by the Songwriters Hall of Fame as an artist to watch, was an integral part of the NYC Indie scene, had her son Will, and welcomed a move back to her home state of Minnesota and a newfound sense of space to create. 

She is grateful to call Minneapolis her musical home, and while residing in Northern MN she continues to tour bringing her songs and stories to audiences in New York, California, Texas, Colorado and more. Annie is also a co-founder of the Valkyrie Music Collective, whose mission is to create opportunities for change, balance and community for Minnesotan womxn in the music industry. 

Over the years, Annie has been exploring how creativity through connecting with one’s emotions can be healing for the creator and in turn, others, in the sharing of the work. Annie is also passionate about kindness, truth, growth.


Type of Residency: Music/Singing/Songwriting

Title of Residency: Music and our Emotions

Brief overview of the residency: Music and our Emotions will encourage children to recognize and talk about different feelings through a variety of fun musical activities. During their time together, students will create visual art, as well as learn about how to express themselves through sound and song, culminating in a video taped performance as a group, and with each individual during share time at the end of the 4 week residency.

Age/Grade Level of Participants: 2nd graders

Length of Residency: 4 weeks

Number of Sessions: 4, 1 hour sessions each week in each of the 3 classrooms

Title/content of Sessions:

  1. Exploring Emotions in ourselves, and in music. (‘In My Heart’ book, Mindful minute check in, ‘See the Music’ Activity)
  2. The Mood Meter & The Sounds We Can Make (Go over visual mood meter, Mindful minute check in, Exploring Emotions through the sounds we can make through our voice, drums and small bells – and annie’s guitar when needed)
  3. Listening to our bodies, and expressing ourselves. (Mindful minute check in, Yoga Calm exercise, Practicing “The Mood Song”)
  4. Practicing Gratitude & Final Project (Mindful minute, Gratitude Journal, and recording “The Mood Song”, and circle time share/video of each childs “Sounds we can make” piece).

Supply List:

  1. Paper
  2. Colored Pencils/Markers/Watercolors
  3. small drums/percussive instruments
  4. small bells
  5. journal book/ paper stapled together for each child

End Product: a videotaped performance as a group singing “The Mood Song”, and individual video of a short “sounds we can make” piece by each child. These videos can be used on social medial for the school to promote the activities the school is doing, and they can be sent home to each family for their viewing pleasure.

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