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Springboard for the Arts Wants You Counted!

Are you an arts organization?

Make sure you’re counted.

Your arts and culture nonprofit, no matter how big or how small it might be, has an impact on your community’s economy. No economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture sector has been done in Minnesota since 2007. To fill this gap, Minnesota’s arts funders have partnered with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts to create a new State of the Arts and Culture Report to be released January, 2015. The report will include data collected from multiple sources including the Cultural Data Project (CDP). Funding partners so far include the McKnight Foundation, the Minnesota State Arts Board and the eleven Regional Arts Councils.

Make sure your organization is counted as part of Minnesota’s arts economy!  (Please note: if you have already filled out this information, there is no need to fill it out again.)

Fill out a brief online survey for your organization here.

(FYI, if your organization has filled out a CDP profile for FY12, you don’t need to do this online survey).

Want to know more about the project? Read more here.

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