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A Creative Investment, Celebrating 10 Years of Legacy Art and Impact

The Saint Paul Art Crawl opens this Friday, April 26, and the Minnesota State Arts Board in partnership with the Regional Art Councils is proud to present, A Creative Investment, Celebrating 10 Years of Legacy Art and Impact. The exhibition highlights the breadth of arts engagement, featuring works by all ages – kindergartners to older adults – and all abilities, all supported by the state’s arts and cultural heritage fund. Thirty-five grantees, from 30 communities from around the state, with nearly 100 art pieces (painting, mosaics, textiles, pottery, sculpture, photography) are featured.  Its theme is that all Minnesotans are creative, and all benefit from the arts. 

There is an opening reception this Friday at 7:00 p.m. at the Arts Board.  In addition, the exhibition is on the website. Works are categorized by community. Works from our region include the Badger Community Wall, In Progress –Fresh Voices from Crookston, and nine canvases from the We Are Water workshops.

To learn more visit: www.arts.state.mn.us