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Meet Our New Showcase Specialist

Kelsey Brateng has been hired as the

NWMAC Showcase Specialist

Kelsey Brateng

In addition to coordinating the exhibits at the NWMAC, Kelsey is a professional photographer and owner of Kelsey Brateng Photography.  She was born and raised in Thief River Falls before transferring to MSU in Moorhead to pursue art and photography.  After graduating, she came back and opened her studio in 2005.  She worked at DigiKey for 10 years as a Corporate Photographer and Production Assistant. She’s interested in public art displays and functional public art.  She is married to her husband Kelly, and they have 4 children, Alexia, Tanner, Aubrielle, and Everly. She volunteers as the Art Director of Elevate Youth Center and recently graduated from the Blandin Leadership Program in Grand Rapids. She is active in the Downtown Development Association in Thief River Falls and the local Zehlian’s group. She  loves to upcycle and get creative with a lot of different mediums, but acrylics, oil pastels, and pen and ink are her favorite. This past year Kelsey has  been practicing with watercolor, brush lettering, and delving into the realm of digitizing her artwork. She wants to focus on bringing more artistic expression to the community. Kelsey recently served on the NWMAC Board of Directors. She explained “joining the NWMAC was the best decision! I have learned so much since joining the board. For me personally, art is therapy. I believe that the beauty of our surroundings makes a huge impact on our lives and in the health and well being of our community.”

In her free time she likes to read, play softball and go to CrossFit, write in her bullet journal, date nights with her husband and going out for coffee with a good friend.

Welcome, Kelsey to the NWMAC Team!

If you have ideas for exhibits, please reach out to Kelsey at 218-688-0078 or kelseybphotograpy@live.com.

Showcase Specialist position is Open

NWMAC Showcase Specialist Contract Position is Open. Deadline to Apply is September 12.

Job Description includes:

  • Coordinate 8 different showcases in Thief River Falls at Northland CTC gallery.  Coordinate all the artist receptions.  Attend and evaluate each event by collecting statistics, interviews, and pictures.  Report by email twice a month to the Director of the NWMAC about changes or concerns regarding exhibits. Exhibits include:
    1. Four exhibits featuring artists with one featuring artists of color
    2. One exhibit featuring students
    3. One exhibit featuring folk arts
    4. Two exhibits featuring art by a variety of people as art for all        
  • Display enhanced listing art with labeling at location selected.    
  • Research traveling cart idea including budget and logistics.  
  • Research other art crawl events in our area and prepare a plan related to connecting our artists with these showcases. 
  • Assist the Director of the NWMAC with the display set-up for the Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibit.  This is two full days of work each Spring.  Attend the reception (a third full day), count people’s choice ballots, assist with awards presentation, and help dismantle the exhibit.  Select 12-15 pieces for the traveling exhibit during the set-up day.  Announce the traveling exhibit names at the reception and inform the public about exhibiting opportunities.  Collect pieces in bins at the end of the reception and transport pieces to the first traveling exhibit library location.     
  • Arrange dates and locations for the mini-traveling exhibit to area libraries.  Move the exhibit throughout the locations.  Work with locations on press release and announcements including providing text and pictures to our Promotions Specialist for social media posts.  Move the exhibit twelve times, once a month from May through April to each county.  Drop artwork off with the artists at the end of the exhibit or bring to the registration day of the next annual exhibit and return to them as they drop off a new piece.  While at the location, advertise that you will meet with artists at the library to talk about showcasing at our gallery and upcoming trainings and more.  
  • Design marketing pieces for showcase projects.  Create press releases and media announcements for projects.
  • Provide a print-out of completed work activities for the NWMAC meetings in June that includes statistics/evaluation, pictures, and upcoming events.  

$12,000 annual budget. All contract positions work out of their home, with their own computer and office equipment and supplies. We pay at the specialist rate of $25.00 per hour. Time tracking related to tasks completed is submitted monthly for reimbursement from the budgeted contract amount annually. Extremely flexible hours to complete tasks. Approximately 8 hours a week.

Deadline of September 12 for applicants to apply.  Please submit a cover letter and complete an application at https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/JobAppNWMAC. It will work best if you prepare your response before starting the job application within the link. Each part of the work activities is included in the job application and you will write about your qualifications, communication style and ability to connect with others and build good relationships.

Please contact NWMAC Executive Director Mara Hanel with any questions at director@nwartscouncil.org or 218-745-9111.