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Midwest Grain: Watercolor Paintings by Debbie Aune

New Exhibit Now Open!

Midwest Grain

Watercolor Paintings by Debbie Aune

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is excited to exhibit Midwest Grain, a collection of watercolor paintings by Debbie Aune, which feature familiar landmarks to all of us living in northwest Minnesota: grain elevators. A longtime artist of Gatzke, Minnesota, Debbie grew up on a small farm in northern Minnesota, and recalls her early fascination with these historical structures.
“As a small child a trip in the old, crusty, dirty truck to the local elevator was quite the trip. In my early teens I would most likely be found in the dusty combine riding with Mom, and then at age seventeen-it was my job to turn all the fields upside down in preparation for the next year. Dirt was fun!”

Debbie’s art, primarily watercolor paintings, often depicts scenes of daily life in our communities-and our region’s history. “With no surprise, farming, farming equipment and storage buildings have again made their way into my latest watercolor exhibit, Midwest Grain. Elevators, tracks and trains swarm with history, stories and memories good and bad. Every town big or small has (or had) a grain elevator. Good thing I like the color gray!”

Debbie’s exhibition is now open through March 31, 2018 at the NWMAC Gallery in East Grand Forks.

Meet the artist on Saturday, February 24, when Debbie will be at the gallery to discuss her works during the Art & Wine Walk, at 1:00 P.M.

“My hope in painting these grain elevators of Northwest Minnesota, besides the obvious farming flashbacks and sense of nostalgia, is to show the charm and curious attraction of these big gray monuments. Their form, the perspective, the subtle changes of gray, their rust, the interlacing spouting and conveyors-it’s all a kick to paint! I have a connection with this dirt we call earth and the galvanized steel, iron and wood that rises from it. Paris, Melbourne and Rome will have to wait. “
To view Debbie’s art, please visit the NWMAC Gallery at 211 DeMers Avenuein East Grand Forks (located within the Riverwalk Artists Gallery) now through March 31, 2018. The gallery is open ThursdaySaturday, 2:00-8:00 P.M. and Sunday, 2:00-5:00 P.M.
All of Debbie’s art featured at the gallery is for sale and can be purchased by contacting the artist at (218)689-2363. For more information about Debbi’s exhibit, or if you are an artist interested in exhibiting a body of work with NWMAC, please contact Kat Allen at (701) 360-0805 or email NWArtsCouncil@gmail.com.

Jeanne O’Neil Artist Reception at the River Walk Gallery

Visitors were able to meet Artist Jeanne O’Neil at the Artist Reception on Saturday, November 11 at the River Walk Artist Gallery in East Grand Forks. The exhibit will be open until December 16. Make sure to stop by and see it if you haven’t had a chance. Jeanne and her group North Country Fiddle and Dance even played music for the crowd at the reception. Click on the links to hear IMG_1013 and IMG_1008.

Silkscreen Prints by Jeanne O’Neil at NWMAC Gallery

Silkscreen Prints by Jeanne O’Neil

November 2–December 16, 2017

NWMAC Gallery / Riverwalk Artists Gallery

211 DeMers Ave., East Grand Forks


Meet the artist at the Artist’s Reception
Saturday November 11, 3:00–5:00 P.M.


The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council (NWMAC) is pleased to exhibit a collection of silkscreen prints by artist, teacher and musician Jeanne O’Neil of East Grand Forks, Minnesota. Jeanne’s exhibition is now open through December 16 at the NWMAC Gallery in East Grand Forks. Meet the artist on Saturday, November 11, when Jeanne will be at the gallery to discuss her works from 3:00–5:00 P.M., accompanied by a live performance by her group, North Country Fiddle and Dance.

Jeanne Griffin O’Neil began her career in art as a mural artist in Ames, Iowa, where she painted over thirty murals and taught mural projects for teens and children. Since 1999, Jeanne has been teaching visual art in the Grand Forks Elementary School System, as an Artist-in-the-Classroom for the ArtWise program. Jeanne studied printmaking at Iowa State University, Jeannine Coupe-Ryding (now the Art Institute of Chicago), and at The University of North Dakota.  Jeanne graduated with a degree in Honors from the University of North Dakota in the spring of 2006.

Jeanne’s prints on exhibit at the NWMAC Gallery make up the pages of a children’s book that is very close to her heart. Each print, or page, is moment in time, each occurring in the same, single summer’s day, as seen from a child’s point of view. From the rising of the sun and being called for breakfast, to exploring the magic of dandelions and fireflies, each illustration is combined with handset typography in rhyming verse.

“The making of the prints for this book spans many years. The images, with the exception of the cat drawings, came from a stack of drawings that I made of my children when they were small. Now, twenty some years after the first drawings were made, I am able to present, “A Summer Day.”

Alongside each framed print, the original sketches are displayed. A must-see for screen-printing artists, parents, grandparents and children alike, Jeanne’s skillful work transpires feelings of love in conjunction with the beauty of everyday occurrences. Visit our gallery at 211 DeMers Avenue in East Grand Forks (located within the Riverwalk Artists Gallery) to meet Jeanne on November 11. Her work will be on display until December 16. The gallery is open ThursdaySaturday, 2:00–8:00 P.M. and Sunday, 2:00–5:00 P.M. For more information, please contact Kat Allen, NWMAC Exhibition Specialist, at (701) 360-0805 or email NWArtsCouncil@gmail.com.


Artist Reception at Riverwalk Gallery

The final Art & Wine Walk of 2017 brought a number of visitors to our exhibit at the Riverwalk Artist Gallery in East Grand Forks. The exhibit, Past & Present Passages, Paintings and Drawings by Lucille Nelson and 30 Bowls in 30 Days, Pottery by Janet Johnson closed after the reception. The public was invited to meet the artists at the Artists’ Reception on Saturday, October 28.

Kat Allen, Janet Johnson and Lucille Nelson



Lucille Nelson’s exhibition, “Past and Present Passages,” was a selection of her works she has created since mid-2000. Lucille’s works evoke the feeling of being carried from your current place and time–transporting the viewer to a farmyard in the 1950s, to a lake in northern Minnesota or among children playing in a yard.

Janet Johnson and Lucille Nelson

“When painting people, I really try to capture who they are,” Lucille recalls. “I’ve always felt as if something is guiding my hand.”

Self-taught, Lucille is an accomplished regional artist, and has been awarded several honors in regional art shows. Using a detailed technique to create landscapes, portraits and wildlife, Lucille’s art depicts feelings of nostalgia, serenity, nature and humanity.

Janet Johnson, of Malung, Minnesota, is a renowned ceramics artist and painter. She teaches, collaborates, hosts events and creates art from her studio in Roseau, River’s Edge Studio.

Artists Janet Johnson and Lucille Nelson


“After retiring from full-time teaching English and Visual Arts (Warroad Public School), I received an Arts Council grant to purchase a used kiln and electric wheel so I could catch up for all those years that I had little time to be personally creative. Since then, my pottery has improved greatly because I now have the time to practice.”


Recently, she challenged herself to finish a series of large bowls on her pottery wheel, forming thirty unique bowls in thirty days. Using 3–6 pounds of various types of clay, each bowl has different shaping, altering, trimming and glazing techniques. This timely collection is truly a diverse accomplishment by a single artist.


For more information about our exhibits and artists’ receptions, please contact Kat Allen, NWMAC Exhibition Specialist, at (701) 360-0805 or email NWArtsCouncil@gmail.com.