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Arts advocacy day 2019


What is Arts Advocacy Day?

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts works to increase arts funding by bringing arts advocates to the State Capitol to talk to their legislators about the importance of the arts to our lives and our economy. Every year about 500 arts advocates join together for a rally at the Minnesota History Center Auditorium in the morning, split up into teams with experienced leaders and walk together to legislator offices to educate them about the arts in their communities and ask them to support arts funding. Please join us in thanking our legislators for funding the arts! Carpooling will be available from NW Minnesota. Stay tuned for more information!

To learn more about Arts Advocacy Day visit here.

Vote in the Primary Tuesday August 14!

What Do
Candidates Say
About the Arts?

Learn and then Vote in the Primary,
Tuesday Aug. 14!

Candidates Respond to MCA on Arts Issues

There are many important races that will be decided in the August 14 Primary Election. MCA has asked candidates across the state about important arts issues. While their answers are still coming in, we thought you would be interested to see their stand on arts issues before you vote on August 14, 2018.
Our survey collected answers from candidates for the Minnesota Legislature, U.S. House and Senate, and Minnesota Governor on issues such as protecting Legacy arts funding, nonprofit tax exempts, and whether the candidates have connections to their local arts organizations.
If your legislator has not yet responded to the survey,
urge them to do so!”

Download their answers HERE

and VOTE on (or before) August 14!

Where Do You Vote? Find Out Now: 

Want to stand up for the arts? Contact Congress Today

Contact Congress Now to Oppose Tax Bill Threats to Nonprofits and Artists

Today a wide, diverse set of Minnesota’s nonprofit organizations aligned with one voice to oppose the harmful federal tax bill. Minnesota’s nonprofit community, a sector that employs nearly 12 percent of Minnesota’s workforce and partners with millions, is asking you to take action to oppose the bill. It is expected that Congress will take action on this bill by Christmas, so please take action now.

You can take action any of three ways:
1. CALL your Member of Congress and talk about the brief, highlighted issues listed below, and/or
2. CUT AND PASTE the letter below to your member of Congress, and/or
3. Use Americans for the Arts action page to SEND A PRE-WRITTEN LETTER:


To call or cut and paste the letter below to your member of Congress:

—–MCA’s Letter——

Dear Member of Congress:

Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA) and our 1600 affiliated nonprofit arts and culture organizationsare concerned about the impact of proposed changes in the federal tax law currently under consideration in Congress. These include changes in charitable giving laws and the fundamental change in the relationship between partisan politics and the traditionally non-partisan nonprofit organizations who are focused on their missions of serving the public through providing services, educational opportunities, and access to the arts. These changes are inappropriate for the nonprofit sector and will hurt access to the arts and other nonprofit services for all Minnesotans.

Specifically, we oppose reducing tax incentives for charitable giving that undermine the strength of the nonprofit sector. We support allowing more, not fewer people who can itemize their deductions. The proposal to reduce the number of people who can take deductions will have an overall effect of reducing charitable giving by $13 billion annually. The loss of that revenue will devastate the nonprofit sector by removing resources that enable us to accomplish our community-focused missions. The push to devalue charitable deductions is being made without consideration about how it will affect our work or how it will affect people who support nonprofits with their charitable giving.

We also oppose undermining the guarantee of nonprofit nonpartisanship. The House version of this bill will radically change the longstanding, vital protection in law for the nonpartisanship of charitable, religious and philanthropic organizations. These changes would allow political operatives to pressure those organizations to endorse or oppose candidates for public office and make anonymous political donations tax deductible when funneled through 501c(3)s, thus turning mission-driving nonprofits who are serving their communities into conduits for dark political money that can’t be traced. This fundamental change in the nature of nonprofits was not asked for by the nonprofit sector, nor was the nonprofit sector consulted on the impact of such a fundamental change.

Third, we oppose the Robert’s Amendment which strikes low-income artist housing from the list of qualified groups who can benefit from federally subsidized low-income housing. It would forbid developers from using housing credits to build affordable housing with a preference for low income artists. Moreover, as written, the law would also render all existing artists’ housing developments built with housing credits retroactively ineligible for the benefit. The amendment includes a simple line-for-line language swap. Where current law carves out a special exception for individuals “who are involved in artistic or literary activities,” the new bill would instead specify a benefit for those “who are veterans of the Armed Forces.” While we are also supportive of housing for veterans, we believe both should be included, not one swapped for another. Elimination of this tax credit for low income artists will have a significant impact on the ability of cities to protect their cultural community.

We ask that as Congress considers changes to the nation’s tax laws, that they:

  1. Strengthen the nonprofit sector by maintaining existing incentives for charitable giving and expanding the charitable deduction to all taxpayers, not just those who itemize, and
  2. Protect the long tradition of nonpartisanship in 501c(3) nonprofit organizations by preserving the Johnson Amendment, and
  3. Preserve the artist preference clause for low income housing incentives and add the new Veterans preference language added to it, making it a stronger and more inclusive piece of legislation.

We believe that with legislation that reflects these values, we can work together to build thriving communities on a strong foundation of service and access to the arts for all. If these changes can’t be made, we ask that our members of Congress vote against the bill.

NEW! Creative Minnesota Road Show

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.14.42 PM


NEW Creative Minnesota Road Show Coming Soon to a Town Near You!


Seventeen new local studies of the economic impact of the arts and culture will be coming out through October from the Creative Minnesota Project and Minnesota Citizens for the Arts. You are invited to join us for Town Hall meetings and presentations of the results all across the state. You will not believe the results!

As the most comprehensive report ever done about the sector’s health and economic impact, Creative Minnesota: The Health and Impact of the Nonprofit Arts and Culture Sector previously broke out data statewide and regionally and is now also available for selected cities and counties.

Join Us for Town Hall Meetings

Find out and discuss the importance of the Arts and Culture to your town:

Oct 1

3:45 PM

MN Council of Nonprofits Conference breakout (statewide results) St. Paul

Oct 2


Virginia at Lyric Center for the Arts

Oct 2

5 PM

Grand Rapids at MacRostie Art Center at First Friday

Oct 9

4 PM

Red Wing Art Assn’s Fall Arts Festival Kick off breakfast at T.B. Sheldon

Oct 15

5:30 PM

White Bear Art Center at the Center

Oct 22

4 PM

Chisago County at Halberg Center for the Arts in Wyoming

Oct 26

4 PM

Duluth Art Institute at the Depot

Oct 27


Fergus Falls at West Central Initiative Fund Offices

Oct 29

7 PM

St. Louis Park at Rec. Center

RSVP to intern@mncitizensforthearts.org

Presentations at Public Meetings

Come show your support and find out the results for your town!

Oct 5

6:30 PM

Presentation before the Winona City Council meeting, City Hall

Oct 6

10:30 AM

Presentation to Mille Lacs County Board, County Courthouse

Oct 13


St. Cloud Noon Rotary Meeting, Marriott Courtyard

Oct 19

7:30 PM

Presentation to St Louis Park City Council, City Hall

Oct 22

9:00 AM

Presentation to Northfield EDA Authority, at City Council Chambers

Oct 26

7:00 PM

Presentation to Duluth City Council, City Hall

Oct 28

8:30 AM

Presentation to Pine City EDA meeting, Pine Government Center

Nov 3

5-8 PM

Presentation to Cook County Chamber of Commerce Annual Mtg

Nov 9

7:00 PM

Presentation to Maple Grove City Council, City Hall

And more to come:

St. Paul and Minneapolis focused events are yet to be scheduled, and other events will be added along the way. Stay tuned!

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.17.02 PM

Creative Minnesota is a snapshot of spending by nonprofit arts and culture organizations and their audiences as well as other indicators of the sector’s health and impact on the economy in 2013. The statewide study quantifies the economic impact from 1269 arts and culture organizations in every corner of the state, in addition to information about jobs created, local vs. non-local attendees spending, nonprofit arts and culture organizational budgets, and artist employment levels. 

Creative Minnesota was developed by a collaborative of arts and culture funders in partnership with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts (MCA). Americans for the Arts (AFTA) was commissioned to calculate the economic impact of the arts. Creative Minnesota and additional research about Minnesota’s arts and cultural community can be downloaded for free at: creativemn.org.

The Creative Minnesota team includes: