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Kiln for Sale

Used Kiln for Sale

Evenheat Studio Pro 24 Glass Kiln
Rampmaster RM3 Controller
Quiet Drive Solid State Relay Style
Perfect for home or business.
Excellent condition with very few hours.

Price new: $2,167.00 Asking: $1,850.00

The Pro 24 means it is a 24″.  It easily holds a 20″ shelf. It is a 240 Volt so will not run on regular home wiring. Venting may be necessary depending on the size of the location in which it is housed. It is a dual access. It opens from the top and also from the bottom making access to the bottom shelf very convenient. The manual contains complete firing schedules and suggestions.

For more information contact Gloria Steinhauer at 218-386-3168 or northernborders@hotmail.com.