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“All in a Dark Sky” online Coloring Art Adventure

Mom, Need a little Space?
Let’s just Close off the Lights and Look Up!

Join Kolling Cards for the next

Kolling Cards Minne-MuralTM
online Coloring Art and Activity Adventure:

All in a Dark Sky

Friday, May 7 at 6:30 p.m. Central Time

Your participation as one of the world’s leading Minne-MuralTM Coloring Artists is an important contribution. Let’s have some FUN!

As always, you can register for the Free online zoom event at https://kollingcards.com/shop No purchase is required to join the event but you can order home delivered Care Packs of 2 ($28), 4 ($44), or 6 ($52) (includes shipping) Minne- MuralTM Coloring Art Posters or ask for Minne-MuralsTM at your favorite specialty store!page1image1820416page1image5787136

It just keeps getting better for those of you who are near East Grand Forks — The Campbell Library (at 422 4th St NW ) 218-773-9121 will have a limited number of complimentary Dark Sky Minne-MuralTM Coloring Art Posters (with colored pencils and event info) to be given away. First come, first served as part of their April online program schedule which will include the All in a Dark Sky Minne-MuralTM online Coloring Art and Content Activity Adventure! You can register for the event through the library.

Start your Happy Mother’s Day Weekend!

The library will offer curbside service for pickup of your Minne-MuralTM when requested.

This activity is for all ages. This is a really great parent-child joint activity.

The “child” can be young or old… and if you can’t be right there with Mom, you can join her online and color along!

(it’s a free event- see details above)

The online Kolling Cards Coloring Art and Content All in a Dark Sky Minne-MuralTMActivity Adventure! will offer relaxed, fun social interaction; creative activity with “space” for reflection!

Learn while having fun…

You’ll discuss tips on how to use color and light and shadow and lots more. Plan to learn coloring tip and techniques and about the night sky. Create Awesome Wall Art when you color your Minne- MuralTM Coloring Art Poster.


  • coloring art tips and techniques
  • interesting info about the night sky and related topics
  • special program features and door prizes
  • “show and tell” of your Minne-MuralTM Coloring Art experiences.

If you can send a pic of your Minne-MuralTM Coloring Art — (completed or underway) we will include it in the program; otherwise plan to share it that eve!

You will need access to intenet/wifi and a computer/tablet or phone preferably with a camera and mic. If you are not “techy,” a patient and experienced “Zoom Master” will help you get connected. See you then & there!

See you online Friday, May 7 at 6:30 p.m. Central Time!

Color on!page2image1827584

First Friday Event: February 5 at 7 PM Kolling Cards Snowtime Coloring Adventure

Kolling Cards Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art and Activity Adventure: “Snowtime!”  

Pre-register for the Free Kolling Cards and Things Made Here Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art and Content “Snowtime” Activity Adventure 

Friday: February 5 at  7:00 p.m. Central Time  (6:00 p.m. MTN / 5:00 p.m. Pacific / 8:00 p.m. EST) 

Snow can be really hard to color… but it’s so much fun. Join Artist Cindy Kolling for the “Snowtime” Coloring Art Adventure from Kolling Cards.  It’s free, but you need to preregister to get the Zoom Event link.

Plan to learn lots of interesting “Snow Stuff” that can be helpful when you color the Snowtime and other Winter designs of Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster.

You’ll mix some art with science and some science with art… You will learn about the colors of snow; and snowflakes.  You will even learn a little French (very little) and how to apply that to coloring snow.  

After this Adventure, you will not see snow the same way again!

The online Kolling Cards Coloring Art and Content Holiday Activity Adventure!  will offer relaxed, fun social interaction; creative activity and nostalgic reflection during this winter season.  You’ll discuss tips on color and light and shadow and lots more. 

Everyone welcome. This is a free Zoom event: pre-register and get the connection link emailed to you.  You will need internet/wifi access and a device with preferably a camera/microphone.

No purchase is required to join the event but if you want to color along on the “Snowtime”  Minne-Mural ™ Coloring Art Poster;  you can order these in a Home Delivery Carepack when you  Pre-register for the Snowtime Event through the shopping page:  https://kollingcards.com/shop     (Heads Up if you are ordering: the next featured Minne-Mural will be “Winter Birds” )

Expect it to be about an hour fifteen – to an hour and half.  There will be door prizes. 

See you online Friday, Feb. 5 at 7 p.m. Central Time

Color on!  

First Friday Event: Minne-Mural Coloring Art North American Tallgrass Prairie

It’s time for another 

Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art and Content Adventure 

First Friday Event  

Coloring Art Tips and Techniques mixed with Content information:

Featured Topic will be North American Tallgrass Prairie: Nature, History, Heritage, Science, and Minne-Mural™Coloring Art

This session will touch on the prairie ecosystem, plants, human impact and life on the prairie.  Good for all ages.  See a sampling of prairie Minne-Murals™  under the featured designs at www.kollingcards.com.

Plan to join Cindy on Friday Aug. 7, 2020 at 4:30 pm CST, 3:30 pm MT, 2:30 pm PST, and 5:30 pm EST.  This is a free Zoom event — just “order” the event through the shopping cart — click the pic for a link. You will get link details after registration.  

In September Cindy will try a different time for the event.  If you have input on a preferred time slot, please let her know. 

First Friday June Coloring art Adventure

Let’s All Pull Our Oars Together in a Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Adventure
Gather Online – June 5th
Plan to join the Kolling Cards and Things Made Here
First Friday Art Online
Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Adventure
into the amazing world of coloring art
and celebration of Scandinavian heritage
4:30 p.m. June 5th, 2020 via Zoom

The theme will be Scandinavian-American Heritage and the main focus will be the Viking Ship.

From Cindy:
“The mass cancellations and closings of so many of this season’s Scandinavian festivals, events and museums and specialty stores are just “Uffda” for a lot of people. With that in mind, and because the First Friday in June falls right between Syttende Mai and Midsummer; Scandinavian-American Heritage seems like a good topic for a Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Adventure!
Admission to the event will be free to you and your household/workplace with purchase of any size “Uff Da” Home Delivery Care Pack from the Kolling Cards website; or an acknowledged sale from your favorite Scandinavian Heritage Minne-Mural™ resource store….
or if you are a participating presenter in the session!
We don’t know what the status of the nation’s home stays and the store and other closings will be on June 5th, but this event is designed to “roll with the flow”.
Let’s all color together in good health!
The zoom event will be a mix of Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art tips, techniques and reviews with special focus on the Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster. This will be combined with bits and tidbits of Scandinavian heritage and history shared by willing participants.
One of these participants can be you!

You’ve come to know that with Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters, there is much learning along with creative coloring. Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters offer “coloring with content” and we “Learn Stuff while we have Fun!” In addition to creating amazing wall art; we will learn stuff during this event, too.
Be a Participating Presenter! I want to include short participator’s presentations related to Scandinavian heritage (and Vikings in particular) to alternate with the Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art tips. It should somehow focus on the subject of Viking ships (or Viking era), or on the general concept of Scandinavian-American heritage. It can be historical facts or it can be personal perception. (Please try to clarify which 🙂 We will allow a little creative latitude on how you connect your presentation to the Viking ships; but please include any disclaimers necessary and remember to keep it suitable for all ages.
Please also only bring content that is not proprietary (belongs to someone else) unless you have permission. This part will be on you. Share credit when you should.”

How to become a Participant Presenter…
In advance, please send your basic content proposal (appropriate for all ages) to kollingcards@gvtel.com. She can discuss the details with you.

Artist Cindy Kolling

This is an online opportunity offering social distancing and access to learning and sharing coloring art tips, techniques, and mediums spiced with tidbits of Scandinavian heritage. You can enjoy coloring in your own style to create amazing wall art with the Viking Ship Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Posters. Order Uff Da Home Delivery Care Packs of Minne-Murals™ from www.kollingcards.com and select designs from the Scandinavian Heritage category.

Any questions, please contact your artist, Cindy Kolling
Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!
artist-owned business sustainably serving you and your customers since 1986
PO Box 101
Gully, MN 56646
ph/fax 218-268-4396
or check out the coloring tips at www.minne-mural.com