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Call for Proposals: Springboard’s Community Supported Art

Community Supported Art is back!

This winter, Springboard for the Arts will be offering its first Community Supported Art (CSA) project in five years. With a new mail-based subscription format, CSA will bring artwork, prints and DIY projects directly into the homes of shareholders this winter through the United States Postal Service.

Over the last 20 years, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for consumers to buy seasonal food directly from local farms. With the same buy-local spirit in mind, Community Supported Art is a similar endeavor to support local art, artists and collectors. 

The Community Supported Art project was created by Springboard for the Arts and mnartists.org in Minnesota in 2011. Since then, CSA has been replicated in dozens of cities in North America over the past ten years. In the past five years, we’ve been focused on working with programs all over the U.S. In 2020, in the context of a pandemic that keeps us home more than before and has many artists underemployed, we are once again seeking artists, crafters, designers, performers, musicians and Minnesotans working in all artistic disciplines, for another season of our own Community Supported Art (CSA) program with the themes of comfortcare and craft

Call for Proposals

Deadline extended! Proposals are now due October 23.

Here are the basics of how the CSA program works:

Selected artists will create or produce 50 pieces of artwork for each “share” in the program. This year, fifty shareholders will receive nine pieces of artwork from nine artists, shipped via the United States Postal Service. Shareholders will receive packages three times this winter. Each shipment will come in a custom-designed package, created specifically for the artwork.

Artists will receive a stipend of $1,000 for creating, executing or manufacturing their proposals.

This year, we are taking proposals for work in three separate categories:


Items that can be mailed, shipped, gifted or reused by the recipient to friends, family or neighbors. These items can be sent via USPS, left in public spaces, wheat-pasted to a wall or otherwise shipped to someone. It might be personalizable, or it might not be. Proposals in this category could be letterpress postcards, posters with appeals to the neighborhood, a ceramic mug with special packaging, or anything else that could be safely conveyed to a recipient. These will be delivered in December.

CARE | Projects

Beautifully designed, interactive artist-designed kits, lesson plans, group projects, blueprints, step-by-step guides, DIY activities, instructional booklets or activities that can be independently completed or replicated at home or outdoors. These will be delivered in January.

CRAFT | Artworks 

Functional items or artworks that can be hung, framed, set on a table, used at home or work, or otherwise enjoyed by the shareholder. Proposals in this category could be a print, a small painting, a ceramic tumbler, a sculpture, a toy, textile, book art or some other weird or wonderful thing we haven’t thought of yet. If it can be mailed, it’s in. These will be delivered in February.

Proposal Requirements:

+ Proposals must be designated for one of the three categories. Artists may make proposals for multiple categories, but an artist can only be chosen for one category.

+ Each individual piece in an edition of 50 must be no more than 12” length x 12” width x 6” height, and weigh less than 2 lbs.

+ Each individual finished piece must have its own individual, protective packaging (even as simple as a sleeve for a work on paper). The packaging should be protective, but it doesn’t need to be completely mail-ready. Mostly, it should look good! The work will be packaged again within the larger package for mailing safely. 

+ Any proposals for activities in the Projects category must meet physical distancing guidelines.

+ Artist or artist team must be able to design and produce the finished pieces, or arrange to have the production done within the timeline. The stipend award is intended to assist with the production costs of the pieces.

+ Collaborations between artists or work by collectives are also welcome.

Selection Criteria:

Three projects in each of the three categories will be chosen. Projects will be evaluated based on: feasibility, originality, artists’ record of executing similarly scaled projects, and ability to be enjoyed using physical distance guidelines. This includes:

+ Quality of artist’s past work as demonstrated in the submitted materials.

+ Indication that artist has expertise (art-related or other) to undertake project or can demonstrate a plan for accessing fabrication, printing, manufacturing or expertise to successfully complete project. 

Two-thirds of the selected projects will be from artists and culture bearers who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC), and/or Native, artists from disability communities, LGBTQIA+ artists, and/or artists from outside the eleven-county metro. All applicants must be residents of Minnesota and over the age of 18.

To apply

Applications will open Monday, September 21 on this page. We will accept applications through Friday, October 23. (Extended from October 16.) Artists will be notified at the end of October, and the first projects will be due in December. 

Applicants will be required to submit:

+ Brief artist statement or video (500 words or 3 minutes)

+ Proposal for project (500 words), specifying which category, with optional sketches or mockups

+ Resume and/or link to a website or Instagram page

+ 3-5 samples of your current work in JPG format, as a PDF, or links to a YouTube, Vimeo, Bandcamp or Soundcloud page with work samples in addition to JPG work samples.

For questions regarding the program or application process contact Andy at andy@springboardforthearts.org

Watch a 30-minute information video here.

Call for Artists: Vast Magazine


VAST ART MAGAZINE is excited to announce the international open call for ISSUE N°02. See your work in print and published along side new, emerging, and established practices from around the world.

Thirty (30) artists will be selected and profiled in full color print spread showcasing their work, artist biography, and artist statement. Featured artists will receive a complimentary print issue along with an online feature and digital download for their archives. Learn more at https://vast.art/

VAST ART MAGAZINE is a new international visual art print and online publication dedicated to showcasing the expansive practice of artists and photographers from around the world, far and wide. 


Adrian Kupcsik (Düsseldorf, Germany) Alessandro Fogo (S. Benedetto del Tronto, Italy) Alessia Rollo (Lecce, Italy) Aparna Sarkar (Providence, Rhode Island) Brian Cirmo (Albany, New York) Brittany Ham (San Antonio, Texas) Caleb Churchill (Memphis, Tennessee) Cody Tumblin (Chicago, Illinois) Denton Peter McCabe (Santa Fe, New Mexico) Dorrell Bradford (Phoenix, Arizona) Elise Thompson (Brooklyn, New York) Five Car Garage (Santa Monica, California) Galerie Tanja Wagner (Berlin, Germany) Genevieve Cohn (Boston, Massachusetts) Grit Richter (Hamburg, Germany) Horizont Gallery (Budapest, Hungary) Isabel Yellin (Los Angeles, California) Jennifer Sullivan (Ridgewood, New York), Jess Krichelle (Los Angeles, California) Jess Holz (Boston, Massachusetts) Judith Ornstein (Brooklyn, New York) Kirsten Stoltmann (Los Angeles, California) Kristy Hughes (Valdosta, Georgia) Mason Kimber (Sydney, Australia) Michael Lundgren (Phoenix, Arizona) Nate Burbeck (Brooklyn, New York) Peter Cochrane (Richmond, Virginia) Ray Hwang (Ridgewood, New York) Samantha Rosenwald (Los Angeles, California) Seunggu Kim (Seoul, South Korea) Swen Renault (Paris, France) Thomas Mazzarella (Brussels, Belgium)  Tsailing Tseng(Taipei, Taiwan & Brooklyn, New York) Xavier Rodriguez (Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain) Dive deep into their individual artist profiles at https://vast.art/

ELIGIBILITY:  Visual Artists 18 years and older from the United States and Internationally are eligible to submit. All visual art mediums are welcome: painting, photography, sculpture, ceramics, installation, video, new media, mixed media, and more. $35.00 USD non-refundable submission fee per artist submission of up to 10 images. 

DEADLINE: October 13, 2020
HOW TO APPLYhttps://vast.art

Artists of Northwest Minnesota Promotional Booklet — Submit your application Today!


The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is updating our Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet and will be printing 3,000 copies of our 5th edition this winter. This is a marketing booklet that will be distributed throughout our region.

We are looking for a variety of creative people and artists to provide information for this booklet, but we’d love to include bands, musicians, performing artists, or writers. The cost for a listing for individuals is $20. In addition to the listing you will receive 20 booklets, which makes the listing practically free!  The booklet helps those who are listed reach out to the general public and is a means to help the public “get in touch with them” to purchase art, book them, or have them provide a service. The booklet will include visual artists, fine crafters, performing artists like musicians, dancers, actors, creative writers, fine art photographers, creative videographers, serious graphic artists, interior design artists, landscape artists, journalists, screenwriters, history writers, editors, artistic architects, very unique artsy floral designers, theater directors, choreographers, accompanists, bands, folk musicians, and more.

While our approach will be inclusive, criteria will be applied related to selection.  Things like tattoo, taxidermy, kit crafters, pre-existing patterns from a book crafters, and purchased ceramics that are just painted don’t fit as nicely unless they are over the top excellent in technique or if they are preserving a fine artistic tradition like Rosemaling, for instance. Please contact us if you have questions.

Arts organizations, dance studios, stores with local art, local suppliers of supplies and materials for artists, coffee shops that have open mic or live bands often, etc. will be included in the back of the booklet.

If you would like to be listed, please print out an entry form, fill it out and mail to us. Here is the form:

There is also an entry form for businesses. It also costs $20 for businesses/groups that want to have a logo or picture in the booklet. Here is the form for businesses: NWMAC Groups Application form 2017 edition.

We are also considering briefly listing very artistic local festivals in this edition. These festivals would need to have a very strong history of existence – since we print every three years + an “arts budget” of a certain amount to qualify.  If you think your festival qualifies and you are interested in being listed, please contact Mara at director@nwartscouncil.org.

To see the 4rd edition booklet that was published three years ago, click here.

Please spread the word to other creative and artistic residents in our region!


Call to Artists. Are you creating art that speaks directly to what is happening in the world today?

Coronavirus is impacting every aspect of our lives. Are you creating art that speaks directly to what is happening in the world today — social distancing, shelter in place or anxiety around a new virus?

For example, artistic photographs of families playing games; paintings related to events not occurring; or journaling on coronavirus and then creating poetry, writing songs, painting, drawing, or capturing photos specifically based on your journal entry.

This can be a time to create art directly related to your feelings during this time of hardship, anxiety, sickness, isolation, or very challenging change. Stay tuned — if this creates a body of work to show, the NWMAC may create a future exhibit around this theme — and stay safe!  

What are you creating?

Creative Community Leadership Institute

Applications are open for the new cohort of the Creative Community Leadership Institute, an intensive, in-person, cohort-based training program with real-world practice for artists, culture bearers, community organizers, community development practitioners, and other leaders seeking to deepen their impact in creative community building.

Questions or for assistance with the application contact:
Springboard for the Arts
262 University Ave W. St. Paul, MN
Or call Natalie: 651-304-1014

In 2020, CCLI will host three cohorts, one each in St. Cloud, MN; Fargo, ND; and Rapid City, SD. Each cohort will meet for three weekends during the year:
St. Cloud, MN: May 15-17; July 17-19; October 9-11
Fargo, ND: May 29-31; July 31-August 2; September 25-27
Rapid City, SD: June 12-14; August 21-23; October 16-18 – Limited to enrolled tribal members and non-Native participants who live or work directly in Native communities.
This program is free for participants. Applications for all three cohorts are due March 9.

See the website for more information, funding, info sessions and applications. https://www.creativecommunityinstitute.org