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Elemental: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Space –NWMAC Exhibit at NCTC is Open

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council Announces

elemental: earth, air, fire, water, space

An Art Exhibit at NCTC in Thief River Falls

Open Until September 27

Poetry, Writing, Illustration

Featuring the work of chalk artist Zack Rowatt

elemental exhibit at NCTC in Thief River Falls

Warren, MN. The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is pleased to announce our current exhibit, elemental: earth, air, fire, water, space is open at the NWMAC Gallery at Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls until September 27. This exhibit features a number of pieces of chalk art from Roseau artist Zack Rowatt, as well as poetry, writing, and illustration around the theme of the elements from area writers and illustrators.

The elements provide the foundation for the physical world. Illustrator Therese Jacobson of Alvarado whose work is featured in this exhibit explained, “The elements – earth, air, fire, water, space – are where we begin. One’s natural inclination is to seek inner peace through all of our encounters with the world, to satisfy our need for air, to plant our feet on the earth, to warm ourselves, to drink pure water.” 

Rowatt’s individual pieces of chalk art are accompanied by detailed information about the natural and historical background. Viewing these pieces of art and reading the descriptions provides the audience with a natural resource education. For example, you might learn why the water isn’t clear, the age of rocks or why they look the way they do, what a bog is, or about Glacial Lake Agassiz. 

Artist Zack Rowatt at elemental: earth, air, fire, water, space at NWMAC Gallery at NCTC

Rowatt revealed, “As an artist I have been working the past 2 ½ years to better understand the environment around me and capture special moments and sights as I see them. I studied geology and earth science in school and upon its completion found that I didn’t want the application of the knowledge that I had gained to go towards anything but the simple praise of its magnificence.” Rowatt spoke about his artistic process, “The work that I produce is done so in one of two ways, outside in the elements in plein air or inside from photograph.” He went on to recount his desire and process to capture what he sees in a meaningful and personal way, “…sitting down by a river, taking a nice break on a strenuous hike or relaxing atop a large pile of boulders, to focus on the land around and build up a memory and a story with one’s hands is quite a thrill when it comes together.”

Zack Rowatt’s chalk art in the NWMAC Gallery at NCTC. Exhibit: elemental: earth, air, fire, water, space

The writings, poetry or illustrations in this exhibit are from Dale Jacobson of Alvarado, Therese Jacobson of Alvarado, Catherine Stenzel of Beltrami Island Forest, Alexandria Maxwell of Warroad, Kristin Eggerling of Hallock, Rock Bakken of Hallock, Kim Hruba of Warroad, Cindy Kolling of Gully, Glenda Long Eggerling of Ames, Iowa and Judi Jerde of Inver Grove Heights.

elemental: earth, air, fire, water, space

Alexandria Maxwell explained, “As a poet, my medium is words. I love the way words play, and I love to manipulate language to express my thoughts, both existential and elemental. My works are deeply rooted in nature, in exploring the essence of life. What does it mean to be fully alive, to be fully human?

Artist Cindy Kolling

According to Catherine Stenzel, “Survival isn’t possible without the elements that constantly surround and support us. But how often do we stop to notice this with gratitude for the obvious?” Catherine spoke of her writing process, it “comes in the form of a boulder of inspiration that I chip away until I have a sculpted poem; I keep the draft I’m working on with me at all times, as I do multiple revisions. Poetry is always a work in progress. Even after I have a “final” version, when I take out the poem for submission for something like our exhibit, I revise yet again, even if only a word or two.”

To visit the exhibit virtually click here.

Twenty-seven of Rowatt’s pieces of art are available to purchase. All are framed chalk pastel originals.    

Here’s the list with title, sizes and prices:   

  • Frenzied Many…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Archaean Architecture…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Where it Takes Its Time…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Rapid River Rapids…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Rapid River Refuge…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Wave Washed…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60,
  • Sidling Sands… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60,
  • Outcrop Overlook… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60, 
  • Des Moines Lobe Lodgment…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75, 
  • Precambrian Presence…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Bogs and Swamps and Not a Mire Around…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • The Path of Least Resistance and the Ground You Stand On…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Left for the Lichen…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Window to the Soul… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $50,
  • Residue, Reclamation, Revival… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $30,
  • Bay Boulders…9×12”  $25,
  • Wet-times Inlet…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • No Trespassing ‘cept for Deer…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75, 
  • Shrouded Stream… 9 x 12” $25, Plain to See… 9×12” $25,
  • It’s A Shore Thing… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $75,
  • Borrow-Pit Beach Day 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60,
  • Meander Merits…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60,
  • Field Fringe…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60, 
  • Bedload Bedlam…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $60,
  • Characteristic Vegation… 9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $50,
  • VE…9×12” (12 x 16” matte) $30.

The NWMAC Gallery is located at Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls. The summer gallery hours are Monday-Thursday from 7:30-4:30 PM, Friday from 7:20- 2:30 pm and at other times when events are held at the college. Regular hours  — Monday to Friday, 8:30-5:00 will resume once school begins. Enter through Door A. Visitor parking is free at this time in the large end lot. 

For more information about our exhibits look to our website at www.NWArtsCouncil.org, or if you are an artist interested in exhibiting a body of work with NWMAC, please contact Trey Everett at (218) 280-4917 or treyeverettcreates@gmail.com . This exhibit is made possible with funding from The McKnight Foundation. Please sign up for our e-newsletter on our website home page to see the latest news and grant announcements.  Email director@NWArtsCouncil.org or call 218-745-8886 to reach our office during regular business hours.

Call for Board Members — Become a NWMAC Board Member Apply Today

Support the Arts in Your County and Our Region 

Become a Northwest Minnesota Arts Council Board Member 

Would you like to be more involved in the arts in northwest Minnesota? Consider becoming an Arts Council Board Member! The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is looking to fill a number of open positions on our board.

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has openings for representatives from these counties —   Roseau, Kittson, Pennington, Red Lake and Norman. We are also looking for three at-large members who can be from any of our seven counties of Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, and Roseau. Board members will serve for a three-year term from this fall until Fall 2024 with the option to add an additional three-year term afterwards.

As part of the Arts Council, you will become familiar with arts groups and individuals who are making the arts happen throughout our seven-county service area in northwest Minnesota. You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed to the vitality of the arts in our part of Minnesota.

The Arts Council meets five times a year usually in Warren or virtually and reviews and approves arts grants and arts policy and arts services for seven counties in Minnesota. You must be confident on a computer and have internet access to be a board member to communicate between meetings.

For more information and to receive a nomination form for yourself or a friend, contact Mara Hanel, NWMAC, at 218-745-8886; or email her at director@nwartscouncil.org. General information on the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council, including the nomination form, can be viewed at www.NWArtsCouncil.org in the About Us section.

NW Minnesota Annual Art Exhibit Will be Held Aug 13-26 in Warroad

The Northwest Minnesota Annual Art Exhibit will be held 

August 13 – 26 in Warroad

Reception and Program on August 26 to 

Honor Exhibit and Of the Year Award Winners

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is pleased to announce the NW Annual Art Exhibit will be in Warroad from August 13 to 26. The exhibit will be Downtown Warroad at the Discovery Development Hub, 201 Lake Street NE and will be open for the public to view art on 

August 13 from 9am – 1pm

August 16-20 MWF from 9 am – 4pm, Tues & Thurs 4-7pm

August 21 Noon to 3pm

August 23-25  from 9am – 4pm

August 26 Noon to 5:30pm

Adult and student artists from our 7 county- service region (Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Polk, Pennington, Roseau and Red Lake Falls) have entered 120 pieces of art, including photography, sculpture, drawings, and paintings, into this exhibit and will be competing for $2,300.00 in cash awards. Exhibit cash award winners will be chosen while the exhibit is on display by a qualified juror. They will be recognized and receive their check at the reception. Attendees will be able to vote for People’s Choice!

There will be a reception on August 26 at Allison Park Pavilion in Warroad that is free of charge and open to everyone. Mingling, food, and live music begins at 5:30 pm and the program at 6 pm. Please come early to view the art. The Exhibit opens at noon that day and there’s plenty to do in Warroad!

Of the Year Awards will be presented to Don KaKaygeesick of Warroad for the NW Star Award — Lifetime Achievement, Connie Nelson of Hallock for Artist of the Year, and Annethea Novacek of Greenbush for Artist Advocate of the Year.

The Exhibit and Reception are open to the public and free to attend. Many pieces of art are for sale and the public is encouraged to shop. Purchases can be marked as sold and picked up on August 26 at the reception. The reception is a wonderful day of celebrating the arts in our region. Please join us!

More information will be coming about the award winners and the event. Stay tuned!

Funding for these awards is provided by the McKnight Foundation and the Minnesota State Legislature.

Nominate Artists and Arts Advocates for Of the Year Awards! Deadline extended

Nominations Open for Of the Year Awards Until May 17 — Deadline Extended

Northwest Artist of the Year $500 

Northwest Arts Advocate of the Year $500

Northwest Star Award for $5,000

Warren, Mn – Applications are open for nominations for the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council Of the YearAwards. Three awards are given each year to recognize artists and arts advocates within our region who stand out in terms of artistry or volunteerism in the arts. Often people serve in both roles. 

NWMAC Director Mara Hanel presenting Of the Year Awards

Our Arts Advocate of the Year award is $500.00 and often goes to a local leader who lives in the area where the artist reception will be held.  But anyone is eligible to be nominated. Arts includes all disciplines.

Our Artist of the Year award can be given to any discipline artist including visual, performing, or creative writing who are emerging or at a mid-way point in their artistic endeavors. It is a cash award of $500.00 to use however they see fit. 

Artists can only receive our Northwest Star Award once, as a lifetime achievement award. This award is for $5,000.00 and can be a wonderful gift to those who have chosen a hard career path related to artistic expression.

Our deadline for nominations is May 17. It has been extended this year due to a later reception date. Please consider nominating someone who you view as a deserving candidate from our seven-county service area in northwestern Minnesota. Persons who believe their nominee would qualify for this award and have questions should contact the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council office at (218) 745-8886 or email director@NWArtsCouncil.org for more information. The nomination form is on our website.

Awards will be presented at the Northwest Minnesota Arts Exhibit reception will be held in Warroad on August 26th. Stay tuned for more information. Funding for Northwest Star and Northwest Artist of the Year comes from The McKnight Foundation. Funding for Northwest Arts Advocate of the Year comes from the Minnesota State Legislature.

Birds Exhibit is Open — You won’t want to miss it

 Birds: An Exhibit Featuring the Work of Ross Hier and

Other Regional Artists


Northwest Minnesota Arts Council Gallery at NCTC in Thief River Falls

March 2 – April 29, 2021 

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council (NWMAC) is pleased to announce Birds – An exhibit featuring the work of Ross Hier of Crookston, Stephanie Anderson of Fosston, Doug Dallman of Thief River Falls, Sherri Kruger of Badger, Zach Rowatt of Roseau, Travis Hanel of Warren, Ivy Baille of Fosston, Rock Bakken of Hallock, Betsy Saurdiff of Grygla, Kathryn Rynning of Kennedy, Janet Johnson of Roseau, Karen Monson of Plymouth, and Cindy Kolling of Gully.

Birds Exhibit at NCTC

The exhibit is open from March 2 through April 29, 2021 at the NWMAC Gallery at Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls. It includes paintings, stained glass mosaic sculpture, fiber and mixed media, bird houses, pen and ink, photography, pottery, chalk pastel, and watercolors. Like art, birds reveal a spot of beauty with their plumes and songs and allow us to escape the stressful and mundane. These artists have captured the simplicity, as well as the complexity of birds. 

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Birds: A NWMAC Exhibit

Visit the exhibit virtually here!

The exhibit features a large body of work of Crookston Artist Ross Hier. Ross’s love of nature from a young age led him to a career as a wildlife biologist. He retired after 35 years with the Minnesota DNR Wildlife Section. A self-taught artist, he thoroughly enjoys the versatility of transparent watercolors. Nature provides him with unlimited subject material. Many of his subject ideas arose after observing some interaction in nature, landscape, or creatures. “I am drawn more to days when life wasn’t so driven by technology and was lived at a slower pace.“

In 2019 Ross experienced “a wonderful birding expedition in Ecuador. I observed 33 species during my 13-day adventure and when I returned home, I set out on a personal project to paint all 33 of them. Thus far, I have completed 15 of those 33 species; these watercolors are on display at this exhibit. It is an extreme challenge to capture the vibrant, often neon-esque colors of hummingbirds with watercolor pigments. Also, mimicking blurred wing-movement is very difficult. I have learned much on the project and continue to revel in memories of the ‘amazing 33 species.’”

Watch a Virtual Artist Spotlight with Ross and guest Wildlife Biologist and Crookston Professor Dr. John Loegerling. Click here!

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Artist Ross Hier

You won’t want to miss this extensive and multifaceted exhibit!

The NWMAC Gallery is located at Northland Community and Technical College in Thief River Falls. The gallery hours are Monday-Friday from 8:30-5 PM and at other times when events are held at the college. Enter through Door A. Visitor parking is free and at this time in the large end lot.  

For more information about our exhibits look to our website at www.NWArtsCouncil.org, or if you are an artist interested in exhibiting a body of work with NWMAC, please contact Trey Everett at (218) 280-4917 or email NWArtsCouncil@gmail.com.  This exhibit is made possible with funding from The McKnight Foundation. Please sign up for our e-newsletter on our website home page to see the latest news and grant announcements.  Email director@NWArtsCouncil.org or call 218-745-8886 to reach our office during regular business hours.

A number of these pieces are available for purchase.

Work by Ross Hier

  • Last Open Water, 8×10, $60
  • Phantom Giants in the Fog, 12×16, $100
  • End of Day, 8×10, $50
  • High Plains Matinee (Crow Scouts Watching Sage Grouse), $225
  • The ‘bill Hunters, 8×10, $80
  • In Close, 8×10, $60
  • Blue Shadows Shanty, 11×14, $100
  • Through the Gap, 8×10, $50
  • Frozen Waters (Last to Leave), 8×10, SOLD
  • Wraith of the Post-burn Kingdom, 11×14, $150
  • The Fence Line Thicket, 11×14, $150
  • Feeding Movement-Bluebills, 8×10, $60
  • Robin-N-Hood (’51 Studebaker), 18×18, $250
  • Morning Traffic-Saskatchewan, 8×10, $75
  • Ricebed Relic, 11×14, $110
  • Restless, 16×20, $180
  • Killdeer Chicks, 10×13, $100
  • Scaup Memories, 11×14, $85
  • Headin’ to the Salad Bar, 8×10, $50
  • The Regular Crowd, 16×20, $175
  • Moon Dancer, 11×14, $80
  • Heavy Fog Warming, 10×13, $75
  • Sudden Squall, 8×10,$50
  • Just Banded- American Woodcock Chick, 10×13, $55
  • Pasture Pass, 8×10, $60
  • Breaking Weather, 8×10, $80
  • Giant Petrel Study, 10×13, $70
  • Snowy Sheathbill, 11×14, $150
  • Three King Penguins, One Sheathbill and the Petrel, 24 x 30, $325
  • Pool with a View-Chinstrap Penguins, 16×20, $180
  • Two Snowy Petrels, 11×14, $130
  • Giant Petrel Chick, 9×11, $100
  • Sheathbill and Whale Bones, 10×13, $85
  • Northern Giant Petrel Study, 10×13, $65
  • Traffic Control at Grytviken Whaling Station-South Georgia Island (King Penguins), 16×20, $200
  • Corsage for a Pasque Flower, 16 x20, $165
  • Sign of a Woodland Drummer, 11 x 14, $110
  • Tallgrass Cinema, 6 x 12, $60
  • Showy Trillium and Ruffed Grouse Feather, 9 x 12, $65
  • American Kestrel Tail Feather, 8 x 10, $40
  • Rich Soil, 11 x 14, $110Purple Phantom, 11 x 14, $130

Works for sale by other regional artists:

  • Rock Bakken Winter Perch, Acrylic, 23 x 27, $875 plus tax; Emerald and Red, Acrylic, 23 x 27, $875 plus tax
  • Zack Rowatt Pallet Wood Screecher, Chalk Pastels, 9 x 12, $50; Birdbath, Chalk Pastels, 9 x 12, $50; Congregation, Chalk Pastels, 9 x 12, $50
  • Betsy Saurdiff Flat-backed Birds, Porcelain with sgraffito, 10 x 13, $65; My Sister’s Crow, Porcelain, carved through underglaze, 9.5 x 2, $60; Lovebirds, Porcelain, sgraffito through underglaze, 9 x 2, $58
  • Kathryn Rynning Fall Lift Off, Photography, 18 x 22, $95; Lady, I Was Here First, Photography, 23 x 22, $95; Hiding in the Florida Mangroves, Photography, 12 x 15, $35; Wait Until You See the Real Show, Photography, 14 x 17, $40; Red Breasted Robin, Photography, 10 x 12, $25; My Swan Song, Photography, 12 x 13, $30; Nature’s Camo, Photography, 10 x 12, $25; Angelic Peacock, Photography, 12 x 22, $95; Catching a Ride, Photography, 11 x 13, $25
  • Sherri Kruger Bauble of Love, Stained Glass Mosaic Sculpture, 39 x 39 x 27, $1,500
  • Janet Johnson, Karen Monson What Sayest Thou, Mixed Media, $250
  • Doug Dallmann Bird Houses Mixed Media including: wood, old door knobs, handles, telephone insulators, collectibles, salvaged tin. 24 x 5 x 5  to  36 x 5 x 5 Southwest (Tall) $150; Southwest (Short) $125; Floral (Tall) $150; Floral (Short) $125; Picnic Table (Tall),$150; Picnic Table (Short) $150.