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Grants Deadline August 1

Upcoming Grant Deadlines August 1  

Arts Legacy Grants — up to $10,000

Arts Project Grants: regular — up to $3,000 

Applications are open for Arts Project Grants and Arts Legacy Grants. Grants are awarded to nonprofit arts organizations, communities, schools, individuals and other nonprofit organizations.  Applications are being accepted from our seven county Minnesota service area including Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake and Roseau counties. 

Arts Legacy Grants is a main category for funding artistic activity within the seven-county service region. Funding can be used for Arts Projects, Arts Equipment, General Support, Public Art Projects and Arts Events in northwest Minnesota. Arts Project Grants are used primarily for small budget arts projects and the sponsorship of performances of touring companies and artists. These grants are a maximum of $3,000.00 with a required cash match. Applications funded through these two very important grant opportunities include festivals, community theatre projects, folk music entertainment, sponsorship of visual demonstrations, creative writing workshops and many other activities that improve the quality of life of people in our communities. 

To learn more about these grant programs and start an application visit www.NorthwestMinnesotaArtsCouncil.org, click on the Current Grants Forms under the Grants Tab.  The grant application process is completely online and NWMAC’s Executive Director Mara Hanel can help walk you through the process of using the grants portal to get accustomed to it. Please contact her for assistance or with any questions.

Aug 1 2015 Grant Deadline

Apply now for our August 1, 2015 deadline for two grant categories:  Arts Project Grants (up to $3,000) and our Arts Legacy Grants (up to $10,000).  These grants are mainly for non-profit arts organizations, local units of government, and other non-profit organizations.   Certain projects by individuals and school districts can qualify in our Arts Legacy category.

Applications are on-line.  If you haven’t already, you must register your organization (with your federal EIN) and yourself as a user to start the process.  Grant Forms Quick List page is your next stop to gather more information on how to apply.

Tip:  Make sure you “Save” often as you complete the application!  Button at the bottom of the form.


Arts Legacy Grants Applications Due March 1st!

Northwest Minnnesota Arts Council is announcing another round for Arts Legacy Grants.  Up to $10,000.00 can be awarded to qualifying groups and up to $2100.00 can be awarded to qualifying school districts for Artist Residency Programs.

Click here for an application!

Grants can be used for:

  • Arts Projects
  • Arts Equipment
  • General Support
  • Public Art Projects
  • Arts Events in northwest Minnessota

Arts Legacy Grants: Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund

Arts Organization should apply in our main Arts Legacy Grant category if they are requesting between $3,000 and $10,000 in grant funds.  This category is best suited for a series of projects and equipment expenditures that that arts organizations will need to make.  Grants are for up to $10,000 with a 10% cash match.  We encourage one larger grant rather than several small grants for arts organizations.

This is also the main category to fund public art projects within communities such as murals and sculpture.  There are many ideas for public art.  We have worked with Forecast Public Art to develop a toolkit related to conducting a Public art project in your community.

Click here for an application!

Arts Project Grants

This is the category for arts projects that would benefit from $500 – $3,000 in grant funds.  Some examples are a specific theatrical play or the sponsorship of a few folk artists to entertain at your festival.

Arts Legacy Grants: School Artist Residency

Starting in 2010, this special program for school districts has been available.  School districts may apply for up to two residencies in their schools on a first come, first served basis.   Music, dance, theater and writing residencies are funded at $2,100.  Visual and photography residencies are funded at $2,100 + $400 extra for supplies.  Artists come to the school for one week exposure to a core group of students.  It is highly recommended that schools work with artists who are on the juried roster by COMPAS.  Here is a link to their website where the roster is locatedhttp://www.compas.org/arts-education/WAITS.

Arts Legacy Grants: Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund 

School Districts and schools can apply in our main Arts Legacy Grant category.  Schools have applied for a series of artist residencies in their school or a summer youth camp that features a group of residency artists.   Grants are for up to $10,000 with a 10% cash match.

Click here for an application!

Arts Project Grants: Equipment

If funds remain in the spring, the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council offers schools the opportunity to apply for arts equipment grants.  For example, in 2011, grants were awarded for up to $3,000.00 with a 25% cash match.  School districts purchased light equipment, microphones, musical instruments, kilns, and display racks.  Grant maximums and match requirements are announced in February, if this program is offered.  Normally, we hold a March 1st deadline.

Here is a quick link to the application process for the Arts Legacy Grant school residency app with tips page

Click here for an application!

Grant Deadline Feb 1




There was a incorrect link in our last e-newsletter about our “Call for Quiltmakers” Please Click Here

apply now imageFebruary 1 is a big deadline for our grants.  The two grants with deadlines are Arts Legacy Grants and Arts Project Grants.

Here are some quick links to help you access parts of our website and our current application forms for the deadline.

Arts Project Grant Application Form in Word

Arts Project Grant and General Guidelines

Grant Forms Quick List (this page includes the link to use to register your organization and your grant writer to complete an Arts Legacy Grant)

Soon we will have more of our applications available in our on-line system.

Arts Legacy Grant school residency app with tips page