Podcast-Tuesdays with Mara 2019

Didn’t catch on Pioneer 90.1 FM this week?

No worries! We have this week’s installment ready here on our website. These interviews are for 2019, but also include December 11 and 18 2018.

1.15.2019 Dariann Leigh

Karlstad resident and singer Dariann Leigh talked with Ron West about her music and performances in the region. Dariann received a grant from the NWMAC for in-ear monitors and a transmitter for performance. She released a Christmas song and video last month and her first album will be released soon. Listen to their discussion below!

Singer Dariann Leigh

1.08.2019 Mara Hanel

NWMAC Executive Director Mara Hanel spoke with Pioneer 90.1’s Ron West this week about the many activities going on with the Arts Council, including upcoming grant deadlines, exhibits, arts awards and artist trainings. Listen to learn more!

12.18.2018 Patty Mickelson

Patty Mickelson, music director at Red Lake County Central School System, spoke with Rom about music and a grant they received from the NWMAC for a sound shell for their music. Listen to their chat below!

Red Lake County Music Teacher Patty Mickelson

12.11.18 Sarah Meisinger

Sarah Meisinger, owner of En Liten Svensk (Little Swedish) Shoppe in Roseau, spoke with Ron West this week. Sarah’s shop features and sells many works of area artists. They also hold events where artists demonstrate their craft. Listen below to learn more!

Sarah Meisinger is the owner of En Liten Svensk Shoppe in Roseau

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