Northwest Artist and Arts Advocate of the Year Awards

Nomination Form

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council – 109 S. Minnesota St. – Warren, MN 56762

Hints for using this on-line application:  Hit refresh on your browser to make sure you are using the most current version.  Remember text must be within the box to be seen in your printed version so adjust the size of your font to a size 10.  Note: we purposely do not have a send button.  You must print off a copy and send this form in the mail with your attachments.

An ELIGIBLE NOMINATION must include one completed typed nomination form, narrative on merit, letters supporting the nomination, a copy of the nominee’s resume or detailed qualifications, five work samples if artist, and be received by the last day of February. Only residents of the Minnesota counties Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, and Roseau are eligible for these $500.00 awards.  We also now give a large Northwest Star Artist award.  The first step is to nominate the person for Northwest Artist.  One person will be selected to receive a $5,000.00 cash award from the pool of candidates and receive our Northwest Star recognition.  This person must be beyond an emerging or student status to be considered.  This truly is a once in a lifetime award.  Additional criteria apply so please contact our office for more information if you feel your nominee will be considered 218-745-9111.

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RESTRICTIONS: Each award can be received only once in a lifetime. Nominations will not be carried over from year to year. Previous nominees must be re-nominated each year. It is the policy of NWMAC that nominees will not be notified of their nomination unless they are chosen to receive an Award.
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1. Please check one.
This nomination is for:

Northwest Artist (note: check this for Northwest Star also)

Northwest Advocate (arts supporter)

2. Attach a narrative addressing the following questions: (Please use 12 point type and do not exceed two pages)

Northwest Artist
a. On what merit are you nominating this artist?
b. How does this artist’s work enhance and impact the arts community in our region?  Lifetime achievement comments should be included, if appropriate.

Northwest Advocate
a. On what merit are you nominating this art supporter?
b. Describe the impact this arts supporter has had on his/her peers and our region. Mention the specific project or programs they have been involved in that have made substantial contributions to the arts.

3. Attach support materials.  Work samples (up to 5 examples), letters of support (up to 3 letters), and/or additional background information on the person.

4. Send all materials to Mara Hanel, NW MN Arts Council, 109 S. Minnesota St., Warren, MN 56762 by the last day of February.

Awards will be distributed at the artist reception of the Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibition.  Look for the current post on the Art Exhibit for this year’s reception date.

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