Our Board Members

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council counts on a team of people passionate about the arts to help us make decisions from programs we run to grants we approve.  Our current board members are Kristina Gray, Briana Ingraham, Janet Johnson, Mary Ann Laxen, Connie Nelson, Aliza Olson, Chris Lane, Brook Rufsvold, Elizabeth Rockstad, Elwyn Ruud and Katya Zepeda. To learn more about our current board members and staff click here.

Here are some current and former board members, staff and friends:

June 2017 Meeting. Celebrating 40 years as an arts council!
Mary Ann Laxen
Connie Nelson
Elwyn Ruud
Brook Rufstad
Elizabeth Rockstad
Katya Zepeda
Janet Johnson
Briana Ingraham
Therese Jacobson
Emily Kuzen
Chris Lane

Serving Artists and Arts Organizations