Annual Reports, Plans, Needs Assessments

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council creates a summary Annual Report each calendar year on our services, exhibits, and grant programs.

Please click into the grants awarded page to view information for the last several years.

Needs Assessment is an important part of planning and developing policy every two years.  There is a requirement that each Regional Arts Council complete a needs assessment every four years.  Our Council chooses to do continuous needs assessment within three questions asked on each application both for grants and exhibits. Every two years, we compile the results of these three questions and  our main Survey that allows us to compare routine questions over the last six years.  We also do an Arts Interested/Involved Public survey every four years.

Needs Assessment Results:

Biennial Plan to State:

2020-2021 NWMAC Biennial Plan This is a preliminary plan since the actual budget for 2020-2021 had not yet been determined by the Minnesota State legislature.   The plan includes five main priorities re-grant programs, showcasing, promotion, training/networking, and professional regional offices with full time staff and an active board of directors.

Current NWMAC 2018-2019 Biennial Plan

Archive: 2012-2013 State Biennial Plan

Proposal to The McKnight Foundation:

Our proposal to The McKnight Foundation for artist grants and artists services is due periodically on a two, three or four year schedule depending on what they suggest.  We have a long-term relationship with providing services and grants to individual non-hobby artists with McKnight Foundation funding.  Please see our McKnight webpage for a list of what we are currently offering with their funding.  Thanks McKnight!

Serving Artists and Arts Organizations