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Arts Councils were established in 1976 as a vehicle to distribute funds and provide direct services for arts activities. With region-wide membership comprised of professional artists, arts educators, volunteers with community arts organizations, and arts enthusiasts, the Council encourages all the arts.

The Arts Council is made up of two representatives from each of the seven counties served plus three members serving in at-large positions.  Each member serves a three year term with up to two consecutive terms.

Our Arts Council currently does not have a membership structure for organizations or individuals to join and pay membership dues but if you would like to make a donation to our non-profit, your donation will go towards funding regional arts activities for artists and arts organizations.

Please send donations to:

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council

109 S Minnesota St.

Warren, MN  56762.


  • Elwyn Ruud, Karlstad (Kittson County)
  • Emily Kuzel (Kittson County)
  • Chris Lane (Marshall County)
  • Therese Masters Jacobson (Marshall County)
  • Deb Alexander (Norman)
  •  Paul Burnett (Pennington County)
  • Katya Zepeda Crookston (Polk County)
  • Kate Mulvey (Red Lake County)
  • Jamie Snowdon (Roseau County)
  • Briana Ingraham, Red Lake Falls (Red Lake County)
  • Charles Erickson, Roseau (Roseau County)
  • Janet Johnson, Malung (Roseau County)

To learn more about our board and staff visit this page.

Note:  The Arts Council is looking for members.  The Council meets approximately five times per year to review grants, share information, and set arts policy.  The meetings generally occur on Thursdays at 5:00 PM.  More information on becoming a board member >>> 


State of Minnesota: $86,000 general allocation, $351,000 clean water, land and legacy amendment (with the Minnesota State Arts Board Serving as Fiscal Agent)

McKnight Foundation $70,000.

In 1976, the Minnesota State Legislature recognized the need to support the development of arts throughout Minnesota, and the concept of Regional Arts Councils became law. Using the state’s development boundaries, the arts councils became a vehicle to distribute public dollars for arts activities.

Council funds are received from a biennial arts appropriation which is distributed between the Regional Arts Councils and the Minnesota State Arts Board (MSAB). Regional Arts Council funds are allocated according to a formula using a base amount plus a figure calculated from each region’s percentage of population and land area.

Arts Council program areas are determined in part by a regional needs assessment that is conducted every four years. Through open meetings and surveys, areas of need in the arts are identified and programs are then designed.

Every two years, the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is required to review its programming and develop a new work plan which outlines the council’s goals, decision making procedures, programs and services. The current plan is available to view on-line in Publications.

The McKnight Foundation conducts an Arts Funding Plan whereby funds are re-granted to individual artists.   Service programs and grants that we provide with McKnight Foundation funding are on our McKnight Funded Programs page.


The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is one of eleven regional arts councils (RACs) in Minnesota.  Each RAC assesses the needs of their region to individually determine programs and services to meet those needs.  Our last needs assessment was formally completed as a survey in fiscal year 2009.  Every two years the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council prepares a biennial plan for approval by a joint committee of the Minnesota State Arts Board and the Forum of Regional Arts Councils.  The Council works closely with the Minnesota State Arts Board to provide different grants and services to the constituents of this region.   The Arts Council also works closely with Minnesota Citizens for the Arts to ensure state funding continues to support the arts in our area.


The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council provides artists, arts organizations and schools with the following services, an e-newsletter, a printed newsletter, comprehensive website, Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet, and the Northwest Minnesota Directory of Artists and Arts Organizations. This directory is updated & published continuously, it includes a listing of artists, arts organizations, libraries and schools. Training workshops for artists and arts administrators are offered throughout the year and by request.

Arts Accessibility Plan Development Guide: Arts organizations can have their facilities and programming reviewed for meeting accessibility guidelines.


To learn about accessibility and the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council visit our Accessibility page.


The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council offers different arts grant programs.  Descriptions and application forms are available in the Arts Grants page.

Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibition is a direct program administered by the Arts Council with the assistance of a local community co-sponsor.  Each Spring a new community hosts the exhibit over one weekend.  Area adult and high school artists are encouraged to participate.  See the Art Exhibit page for more information.



Northwest Minnesota Arts Council

109 S. Minnesota Street

Warren, Mn 56732


Mara Hanel, NWMAC Director director@nwartscouncil.org


Promotions Specialist Kristin Eggerling

Kristin Eggerling, Promotions Specialist keggerling@gmail.com

Showcase and Training Specialist Trey Everett

Trey Everett, Showcase & Training Specialist, treyeverettcreates@gmail.com

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