Quick Tips for Organizations and Other Applicants

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has several grant categories for organizations and cities in our region.  Our main focus is on funding non-profit Arts Organizations.  We do receive applications from cities, counties, and other social non-profits in our region in both our Arts Project regular and our Arts Legacy regular categories.  Our region covers the Minnesota counties of Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, and Roseau.  If your organization or city is within one of these counties then you can apply!  All application forms are on-line in our grants management system.  Guidelines are available by emailing mara@nwrdc.org and on our Grant Forms Quick List page.   Read the descriptions below to see which category may work best for your project or organization.

Arts Legacy Grants: regular

Arts Organization should apply in our main Arts Legacy Grant category if they are requesting between $3,000 and $10,000 in grant funds.  This category is best suited for a series of projects and equipment expenditures that that arts organizations will need to make.  Grants are for up to $10,000 with a minimum 10% cash match.  We encourage one larger grant rather than several small grants for arts organizations.  Main deadlines are August 1, November 1, and March 1; then on-going 1st of the month deadlines as funds remain.

This is also the main category to fund public art projects within communities such as murals and sculpture.  There are many ideas for public art.  We have worked with Forecast Public Art to develop a toolkit related to conducting a Public art project in your community.

Examples related to public art projects that we have funded are on-line.

Arts Project Grants: regular

This is the category for arts projects that would benefit from $500 – $3,000 in grant funds.  Some examples are a specific theatrical play or the sponsorship of a few folk artists to entertain at your festival.   Main deadlines are August 1, November 1, and March 1.

Arts Legacy Grants: General Operating

Arts Organization can apply for general operating grants.  The application form is within the Arts Legacy Grant form.  See the form for specifics about amounts awarded.  Talk to the Arts Council Director about timeline for applying.

The Login button is in the upper right corner of our website to register and start an application or Preview the application form.  

If you still can’t determine which program is the right fit email mara@nwrdc.org for more help.

If you have decided which program is right for you go back to the Grants page for links to the applications.

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