Fact Sheet for Students

Description of the Student Artist Training Program

Background:  For eight years the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council offered the Artist/Mentor program (1988-1996), then for eight years we offered the Student Individual Artist grants (1997-2004), in 2005 we combined the two programs to offer these Artist Training Mentor grants. The goals of the program are:

1) to meet the needs of students who demonstrate a high motivation in the arts
2) to expose these students to a diversity of viewpoints
3) to help high school artists afford training opportunities

The program also serves to supplement the arts education in our region’s high schools by providing students the opportunity for intense study of their chosen art form through individual instruction with a practicing artist or attending a training.

Students attending public and private high schools in the region will be awarded a training or mentorship on the basis of commitment and potential artistic development. The region includes Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Polk, Pennington, Roseau, and Red Lake Counties. Selected students will be matched with a mentor or a training session if they have not already suggested one on their applications. Students and mentors will work together according to a plan and schedule they establish.

Application, Selection Process, and Important Dates

Application forms are available on-line at www.NorthwestMinnesotaArtsCouncil.org in the grants section. Applications may also be requested by calling Mara Hanel at 218-745-9111. The student will return the application materials to the Arts Council, 109 S. Minnesota St, Warren, MN 56762 by a postmark deadline of October 15 and March 15 annually.

A panel will review application materials.  An interview will be conducted of each student to rate and rank them. The panel will include artists, teachers of the arts and/or others knowledgeable in various arts disciplines. The arts study would take place within the calendar year for those reviewed in Fall and by the end of the next school year for those reviewed in the Spring.

Selection Criteria

Students will be reviewed on creative potential, maturity, accomplishments the student has made to date, and personal motivation. Application and selection will be limited to students currently in grades 9, 10, 11 and 12. Note: 12th grade students are eligible but their training must conclude by August 31.  The Spring deadline can include 8th grade students going into 9th grade as long as they begin in the summer.  Students will be selected on the basis of motivation and commitment, creative ability, proficiency, and potential for artistic development.

Trainings and Mentors

Trainings:  Parents and students and teachers must research an appropriate training for the student.  If awarded, the student will be given the grant as a stipend to use toward attending the training. Trainings can be local, national, or international in nature. Most students who would like to attend a training will know so when they are applying and suggest the training on their application form.

Mentors:  Mentors should be selected by the parent of the youth based on their professional ability and their ability to work with high school age students.  Mentors, students and parents will establish the objectives of the arts study and a study schedule.  We are moving away from working with mentors within the program.  The parent will need to assume liability for the choice.

Funding for this program is provided by the Minnesota State Legislature. Contact Mara Hanel, Arts Council Director, at the NWMAC for further details and application materials. Contact Mara by phone 218-745-9111. Information, guidelines and application forms are also available on-line at www.NorthwestMinnesotaArtsCouncil.org in the grants section.

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