NWMAC Art Exhibit Entry


Deadline: The last day of February each year

We are accepting entries through our on-line portal this year.  Please register yourself as a user or if you are already a user LOGIN.

If you cannot use the on-line portal you can still use the Word form by calling our office to have the form sent to your home.  218-745-9111.  Don’t forget to read the Entry rules.

Directions for completing the entry card.  These directions are mainly for an entry card mailed to you.  If you apply on-line the directions are on the on-line form.

  1. Fill in the boxes legibly.
  2. You can enter up to two pieces of artwork.  If 2-dimensional pieces are a series, they will be considered one entry only if they are framed together as one piece to hang. (Please state that you are aware of this rule on your form.)  Any 3-dimensional series or 2-dimensional separately framed pieces in a series, will be considered one entry only at the discretion of the exhibit selection committee.  It is preferred that you choose two of the pieces from the series and label them as individual entries.
  3. Please try to title your work.  If your drawing is of a tiger and you cannot think of an original title instead of putting Untitled, write Tiger in the title spot.
  4. Choose one main category for your work.  Then write a general description like black and white photo, or oil pastel, or original clay in the medium materials box.  If the piece is mixed materials state briefly what they are like fabric, oil paint, and thread.
  5. For size, think about what size box your piece fits within:  3” x 3” box = very small; 12” x 12” box = small; 24” x 24” box = medium; 36” x 36” box = large; bigger then the last box = very large.  If 2-dimensional use framed size.  Being very specific is not necessary, we are just trying to get an idea of what size pieces are for our display purposes.
  6. If you are interested in selling your work state the price, otherwise state NFS.  Several purchase awards as well as individual sales occur at the exhibit, therefore it is worthwhile to try and sell your artwork.  Photographers please state whether your price is the framed work in the exhibit or an unframed print.
  7. An entry sample must be submitted for each piece listed. Make sure your samples are labeled with your name and title; or Entry A/Entry B if untitled.  For all mediums besides photography please take a good picture of your artwork.  Photographs are easily submitted as a small copy of the original.  Please take a good picture of your artwork.  You can upload your images to your entry form on-line (preferred method) or e-mail your work samples to director@nwartscouncil.org.
  8. Pieces will not be eligible without the $10 entry fee per piece for adult artists and $5 per piece for students.  Payment must be received with the entry form by the deadline date.
  9. Original work is conceived and executed by the artist.  Copies will absolutely not be selected as part of the exhibit.  If your artwork is not completely original please attach a piece of paper or write on the back of your form what influenced your artwork.  For instance, your art may be a drawing based on a photograph from a book or magazine; you may have tried to paint the technique of a professional artist with your own original subject matter; or you may have taken a class that directly influenced the piece you are submitting.  Stating this does not make you ineligible – it just helps the juror have more knowledge.  Computer generated art must have parts that are originally photographed or created from scratch from the artist to be eligible.  This is an original artwork show rather than a computer graphic art show.

You will be notified by email (or mail) whether your pieces have been accepted.

Exhibit Entry Fee is non-refundable and is associated with processing the entry rather than acceptance into the show.

Submit to:  Northwest Minnesota Arts Council

109 S. Minnesota St
Warren, MN 56762 

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