Enhanced Listing: Therese Masters Jacobson

Therese Masters Jacobson

Alvarado, MN 56710

County: Marshall

Inquiries: 218-965-4216 tmjacobson16@gmail.com



Offering: commissioned work for portraits of people, pets, landscapes.

General pricing for Therese’s art: Watercolor portraits: 8 x 10 – $150;  10 x 14 – $275;  12 x 16 – $400. 

“Remembering Grandma” watercolor 11/4/19
“Prime Minister Mabel;”  Pen & Ink, 01/03/20
Girl Petting Bunny by Therese Masters Jacobson $500
Three Military Branches, One Family by Therese Masters Jacobson
Riding Rodeo Acrylic by Therese Masters Jacobson
Dancing with My Shadow in watercolor by Therese Masters Jacobson

Artist Statement: “My primary creative media are watercolor and/or pen and ink on fine paper and acrylics on canvas. I accept commissions to paint portraits of people, pets or personal favorites like landscapes and modernist styles focusing on forms, composition, and color. Besides painting, my creative interest is quilting. Geometric designs of brightly colored fabrics bring comfort over long winters. I sew clothing, often altering designs to personalize desired looks.”

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