Enhanced Listing: Jodi Peterson

Jodi Peterson

Art teacher in Ada, MN (resides in Moorhead, MN)

County: Norman (Clay County)

Inquiries: jappata@yahoo.com 701-361-2982


Title: Heron
Fused Glass
Artist: Jodi Peterson

Jodi fuses, slumps and casts glass that can be hung on the wall, rest on a table, or be worn. Her subject matter comes mostly from nature.

Offering: Cast candle holders, sun catchers/ornaments, magnets, jewelry: pendants and beads, blown glass, fused glass, 2D/3D glass and holiday glass. You can purchase Jodi’s art at her website. She is also currently looking for retail outlets. Prices for her work range from $5 to $300 depending upon the size and details.

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