Enhanced Listing: Elizabeth Rockstad/Studio 4:13 Mosaics

Elizabeth Rockstad/Studio 4:13 Mosaics

 309 West Main St.

 Ada, MN 56550

 County: Norman

 INQUIRIES: 218-308-1714 studio413@ymail.com


FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, PINTEREST   F/B & Instagram:  studio413mosaics

Offering: Public art, sculptural mosaics, garden mosaic art. Contact Elizabeth to discuss all the options! She also teaches mosaic art to individuals and groups. The cost of classes range between $90-$200, depending on the project.

Carnival Mosaic Vase by Elizabeth Rockstad
Brick Smalti Mosaic by Elizabeth Rockstad 8×8 $169
Blue mosaic heart cross (18″) $88 by Elizabeth Rockstad


Agage eye/red & blue  $98 by Elizabeth Rockstad
Smalti landscape 4×6 $55 by Elizabeth Rockstad


I am a professional mosaic artist, working primarily in glass, beads and found objects. My mosaic work ranges from public art, private installations, sculptural mosaics, gallery and garden mosaic art.

I am a licensed K-12 Art teacher with over 17 year of teaching experience. I have taught participants from age 3-93, and love to share this unique art form.

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