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Cindy Kolling/Kolling Cards

 Gully, MN 56646 

 County: Polk

 INQUIRIES: 218-268-4396        kollingcards@gvtel.com


Artist Cindy Kolling hand drawing lady slippers

Kolling Cards and Things Made Here!™ is a wholesale only (no consignment) Artist-Owned business Sustainably Serving You Since 1986. Original stationery and fun products by artist Cindy Kolling, Gully MN. (Minimum orders apply.) Ask for Kolling Cards products at your favorite place! Thanks for shopping local independents and specialty stores! Your business is appreciated. Your feedback is always very welcome!

Offering: Stationary items for specialty retail stores, On Site Minne-Mural ™Coloring Art Party, and Art Journaling Workshops.

An example of Artist Cindy Kolling’s lady slipper products

Let’s Party! Lots of fun!  Retailers/ social groups/ organizations…let’s all color!  Minne-Mural™ Coloring Art Poster Party with Artist Cindy Kolling.  $15 per person (coloring supplies provided) will go toward the required $150 minimum guarantee. (Mileage fee for over 50 miles from Gully.) Suitable for ages over 8 and especially fun for adult groups.

Minne-Mural hand coloring
Minne-Mural Coloring with Cindy Kolling

Art Journaling Workshop with Artist Cindy Kolling.  Summer or year-long journaling:  a relaxing, fun, creative way to seeing more new each day. $35 per person (journal and starter supplies provided) will go toward the required $350 minimum guarantee.  (Mileage fee for over 50 miles from Gully.)  Suitable for ages over 5; especially insightful for teens and busy adults. 

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