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Training/Networking Contract Position Open

We are Hiring a Training/Networking Specialist

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is hiring a Training/Network Specialist. This is a contract position and is initially for $1,800, to work in May and June.  The contract will then be offered again from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018 for $11,000.  This contract will involve approximately $9,000 of time at $25.00 an hour and $2,000 of travel.

The first two months (May and June) will be focused on coordination via computer and phone calls.  The contract person must supply his or her own computer and home office environment.  Please submit a letter of interest for this position related to the first and second contracts listed below and your resume.   The deadline to apply is May 2.   Email

The first contract from May – June 30, 2017 for $1,800 has six tasks:

  • Set up our new “Bag it: Creative Lunches” networking program.
  • Research a series of trainings related to auditoriums on light, sound, microphones, set, etc.  Use area experts.
  • Coordinate Arts Organizations to learn about Americans for Disabilities Act:  Set-up VSA training in our region.
  • Training Artists to do Artist in Residency work: Set-up COMPAS training in our region for Fall.
  • Train 8 small contract workers to be Springboard Work of Art trainers for our area and Bag It facilitators.
  • Report on progress at June 2018 meeting of NWMAC in writing.

The second contract is from July 2017 – June 2018 for $11,000:

  • Implement Bag It: Creative Lunches starting in September 2018.
  • Implement Auditorium trainings with VSA trainings in Thief River Falls.
  • Coordinate COMPAS training for artists in July, Aug, Sept.
  • Check and continue to train the 8 contract workers implementing Work of Art and Bag It.
  • Art Crawl planning with implementation first weekend in Oct 2018, travel with Executive Director to Meander Art Crawl in Montevideo to experience and learn what works.
  • Coordinate an Arts Expo with organizations from across MN at our Spring 2018 NWMAC Art Exhibit reception weekend.  Including: 1)Placemaking session for cities, artists and arts organizations within Arts Expo. 2) Cinco de Mayo training guide for Cities and Arts Organizations within Arts Expo. 3) Festival training 101 session within Arts Expo.
  • Report on progress at Nov/Dec and June meetings of NWMAC.

We expect that there will be a third contract from July 2018 – June 2019 for $12,000.  Major work actvities will include:

  • Art Crawl implementation first weekend in Oct 2018 with help from Executive Director.
  • VSA training for Arts Organizations continues with check in related to progress on goals.
  • Artist residency training for artists continues with new set of artists.
  • Bag It: Creative Lunches continue and are evaluated.

Looking for an Arts-related job? Job Openings at Minnesota State Arts Board

The Minnesota State Arts Board is seeking strong candidates for two key positions:
· Director, communications and external relations
· Program officer, artist assistance.

Both positions are located in St. Paul.

A brief description of each position, and details on how to submit an application online, can be found on the Arts Board’s Web site:

The deadline for applications is Monday, February 13, 2017.

NWMAC is Hiring Showcase Specialist Contract Position

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has an opening for a Showcase Specialist. This is a contract position. Deadline to apply is December 6, 2016. The Showcase Specialist coordinates and installs exhibits. The pay scale is considered a contracted specialist. The work activities take approximately 600 hours a year spread out over 12 months. A contract for $15,000 was issued last year to complete the work activities. There are no benefits.

Skills required: Computer skills with Microsoft programs including Word, Excel, Publisher, Access; social media savvy; patience working with artists; positive team attitude; passion for showcasing the art of our area; high arranger abilities; strong responsibility; correspondence/writing email skills; proven record with self management/monitoring to complete work activities within a contract including time tracking, reporting and evaluation.

The main job activity is coordinating and installing showcases in our gallery in East Grand Forks within the River Walk Artists shop.  Typically this involves eight showcases a year, with five at the time of Art and Wine Walk events.

Main job duties include:

  • Coordinate eight different gallery showcases in East Grand Forks.  Partner with River Walk Artists shop to coordinate five Art and Wine walk receptions.  Plan three additional receptions. Coordinate food and beverage and attendance by the artists featured in our gallery. Attend and evaluate each event.
  • Assist with the display set-up for the Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibit. Attend the reception and help dismantle the exhibit. Select pieces for the traveling exhibit.
  • Arrange dates and locations for the traveling exhibit to area libraries. Move the exhibit from location to location eight times from May through December. Drop off artwork with artists or arrange for the pick-up of artwork.
  • Create a monthly artist opportunities e-newsletter in Constant Contact on-line. Work with the Promotions Specialist in a team effort.
  • Design marketing pieces for showcase projects within the contract.
  • Create press releases and media announcements for projects within the contract.
  • Determine at least one artist workshop per year. Market the workshop and attend.
  • Develop a showcase platform within our website for residency artists and encourage them to participate.
  • Promote and encourage participation in our Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet
  • Assist in the development and implementation of a networking program for artists, attend training and lead twelve of the sessions in their home community.
  • Provide a print-out of completed work activities each six months in late November and late May; include statistics/evaluation and upcoming events.

To Apply: Submit a cover letter describing how you are qualified to fulfill the contract and send your current resume to our office by December 6, 2016.  If you have questions please contact our office at 218-745-9111, 109 S Minnesota Street, Warren, MN 56732 or email