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Student Application Error

Hello!  I am hearing, through the email grapevine, that our links to our student application form and guidelines, may not always link to the right location.  Some computers want to connect to advertising instead!  And you probably do not need to shrink your belly fat or atleast that is not what we think you need!

Please just send me an email if you are having trouble and I can quickly send you the links. Here is the full application again as a pdf Student Full App and Guidelines … just in case it works in this post.

Aww… technology.

Student Summer Training Camps

Please share your ideas and recommendations!  What great summer training camps exist for our area high school students?

We offer our student artist training grant for $500.00 to area youth.  The spring deadline is a great time for students in 8th to 12th grade to apply to attend a music, dance, theater, writing, visual art, photography, video, or mixed media camp!

I know about the International Music Camp because that is where I went when I was in 10th grade.  It lead to a trip touring Europe in my Junior year of high school with a choir.  Wonderful experience!

Grant Deadline Nov 1

Big encouragement for applications!  Main deadline for Arts Legacy grants, Arts Project grants and Artists in the Schools grants is November 1, 2011.  See the old grants page at for the best information.  I am still adding to this new site and the grants section is not complete yet, sorry.  I have created a version of the Arts Legacy grant application in Word 2007.  Yay!  I hope it works with your computer system.   ACHF Full Application in Word for 2012 

– Mara