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Teaching Artist Roster Program Guidelines FY17-18


PROGRAM OVERVIEW                                                                                                                                                     

The Teaching Artist Roster Program is a seven-session training designed to support artists in refining and developing skills for conducting collaborative, in-depth arts learning experiences in organizations, community settings and schools.

Up to six artists will be selected to participate in this training, conducted by artist peer coaches contracted by NWMAC.

Artists who complete the program are listed on the NWMAC Teaching Artist Roster and are eligible to apply for residency funding through the Teaching Artist Grant program.

Artists who complete the Teaching Artist Roster Program:

  • Value themselves as artists and understand what they offer as teaching artists
  • Expand the ways they apply their craft
  • Understand the essential role arts play in a complete education
  • Belong to a network of fellow teaching artists who serve as resources, mentors and peers
  • Are ready to employ and lead assessments that involve personal reflection for continuous improvement
  • Understand how the roles of artist and teacher intersect
  • Are able to develop a residency plan
  • Are familiar with the NWMAC Teaching Artist Grant application process
  • Employ strategies that contribute to success as a teaching artist


  • 18 years of age or older
  • Resident of Kittson, Roseau, Marshall, Pennington, Red Lake, Polk, or Norman County for a minimum of six months prior to application
  • Either a citizen or have attained permanent resident alien status
  • Artists with previous teaching experience, formal or informal (if you are interested in the program, but do not have teaching experience, contact the NWMAC


  • Past NWMAC grant recipients with any overdue final reports 


Application procedures are available at


NWMAC Data Information

The following questions are required for data collection purposes by the Minnesota State Arts Board and the MN Legislature.

  • Brief summary of your artwork
  • County—County of applicant
  • MN House District – MN legislative house district of application
  • Congressional District – MN congressional district of applicant
  • Status – i.e. enter “01” for individual
  • Institution – Enter “01” for individual artist
  • Discipline – Select the code that best describes the applicant’s primary area of interest in the arts.
  • Publicity – Does the applicant have an alternate name, to be used for publicity purposes? (i.e. news releases)
  • Publicity Name – if yes, indicate the name to be used for publicity purposes. (Indicate N/A if not applicable)
  • Adult Artists Participating – For these grant activities is “01” individual artist
  • Ethnic Characteristics – Select any combination (optional). Enter “0” if you do not want to provide your ethnicity.  N=American Indian/Native American; A=Asian; P=Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander; B=Black/African American; H=Hispanic/Latino; W=White; 99=when no single group applies; 0=Other


Panel members use the following statements when reviewing this section of the application: 1) Applicant’s rationale for wanting to participate in the program has merit. 2) Applicant’s work samples demonstrate skill and ability.

  • Explain your interest in participating in the Teaching Artist Roster Program. 

Artist Bio/Resume

  • Upload your Artist Bio and Resume in .PDF format 
  • Provide a brief statement about you and your art.

Work Samples

All samples must be combined into ONE OR TWO .PDF DOCUMENTS and attached to the application.  Contact the NWMAC office if you need assistance.  The NWMAC is not responsible for samples that do not upload or display correctly.

  • Two-Dimensional & Three-Dimensional: primary creators of painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramics, fiber arts, multi-media arts, and all find crafts; SUBMIT UP TO 5 WORK SAMPLES: Submissions should not be more than 1800 pixels wide with title, description and dimension included with each sample.
  • Literary: Original poetry, prose (fiction and creative nonfiction), playwriting and screenwriting. Total number, including summary may not exceed 10 pages.  If the sample is part of a longer work, one of the pages may provide a BRIEF summary or context for the excerpt.  Include a description Title, Type (Poem, Novel excerpt, etc.) with each sample.
    • All written materials must be submitted in .PDF format on 8-1/2” X 11” document
    • Leave ½” margins (minimum) at top, bottom and sides of each sheet
    • Use black size 12 font or larger
    • Scholarly manuscripts, standard journalism, and translations are not accepted
  • Performance: Dancers, choreographers; Theatre performers, spoken word; composers, musicians/  While artists can perform the work of others, panel members will be looking for the applicant’s unique interpretation, or “personal stamp” on the work submitted and priority will be given to the original work.
    • Theater/Dance: combined run time of 7 minutes for all selections.  Submit samples in .WMV, .SWF or .MP4 file format or a URL link to a video.  Include in a separate document the Title, Length of excerpt with a physical description explaining how to identify you (i.e., “I am the actor in the yellow shirt)
    • Music: combined run time of 7 minutes for all selections. Submit samples in .MP3, .WAV, .WMA formats and include the Song Title, Length, Type of Music for each sample in a separate document.  Optional:  You may attach scores for any music sample(s) submitted.

If the upload does not accommodate the file size, an audio/video page or website URL can be provided in the field below by pasting the URL into a word document.


  • Upload Work Samples with descriptions and/or provide an audio/video page or website URL
  • Art Sample(s) with descriptions (10 MiB allowed)
  • Art Sample(s) with descriptions (10 MiB allowed)
  • Audio/Video Page or Website URL –( i.e.
  • Music Scores – Optional (2 MiB allowed)


Panel members use the following statements when reviewing this section of the application: 1) Applicant shows a willingness to commit time and energy to program obligations. 2) Applicant demonstrates an interest in expanding their skills as a teaching artist.  3) Applicant has previous teaching experience.

Training Dates

You must commit to attend training sessions held at the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council offices in Warren on the following dates and times:

Thursday, October 26, 2017 (6-9 p.m.)

Thursday, November 2, 2017 (6-9 p.m.)

Thursday, November 9, 2017 (6-9 p.m.) Remote access

Saturday, November 18, 2017 (10 a.m.-4 p.m.)

Thursday, November 30, 2017 (6-9 p.m.)  Remote access

Thursday, December 7, 2017 (6-9 p.m.)

Dates and location may be subject to change.

  • Are you available to attend all of the training dates?
  • What are your strengths as an artist?

Teaching Experience

  • Do you have teaching experience?  (yes/no)

7a)  IF YES:

  1. What are your formal and information teaching experiences?
  2. What are your strengths as a teaching artist?

iii.   What are your weaknesses as a teaching artist?

7b)  IF NO:

  1. What personal skills or experience do you have that would contribute to your success as a teaching artist (volunteer experience, working with groups, etc.)?
  • Name a technique, genre or medium you are interested in exploring during the Teaching Artist Roster Program training.


Explain how you could use your art discipline to conduct a learning session.


LP1.  Brief Description of Residency Activities:




LP2.  Target Age Group/Population:




LP3.  Length of class:




LP4.  Materials needed.



LP5.  Will your session require a special setting (e.g. outdoors, sink, electricity, tarps on the floor, etc.)?




LP6.  Will your residency require additional staff/volunteers to assist students?



LP7.  Additional Information:  Upload supporting material (i.e. image or rendering sample of project)


Electronic signature

Your signature indicates that all of the information in the application is true and complete



Applicants may request a draft review of an application.  NWMAC staff will review the application and identify any concerns, upon request.  Email requests at least two weeks before the application deadline.  Requested draft reviews are conducted while applications are in draft form.  A review of the application does not guarantee that the request will be funded.


Applications will be made available to the NWMAC Board of Directors or a review panel at least two weeks prior to the review date.  All applicants will be notified of the Board’s decision in writing.

During the review process each applicant will receive a score on a scale from 1 (low) to 6 (high).  An applicant must attain a minimum score of 3.0 to be considered for funding.


Panel members will interview a select number of applicants.  The final scores and a list of recommended applicants will be submitted to the NWMAC Board of Directors for final approval.  Selected artists will be contacted by NWMAC Staff in a timely manner following approval.


Any applicant who can show cause that established grant review procedures were not followed, or that the policies of the program were not equitable to all participants, may file an appeal in writing with ten (10) business days of being notified of the NWMAC’s decision.

The Executive Committee will review the appeal and determine if further investigation is warranted.  If there is cause for an appeal, the matter will go before the full board for a final decision.  There is no right of appeal to dispute decisions in respect to artistic quality or merit, ability or need.  Contact the NWMAC office to view a copy of the complete appeal policy.


Artist Merit:  The perceived quality or value of works of art.

Resident:  One who resides in a particular place permanently or for at least six months prior to application.  This will be the location on your driver’s license, voting precinct, legally established residence.

For more information on Northwest Minnesota Arts Council programs and services, visit our website at or call 218-745-6733


Request for Bids from Graphic Designers for 4th Artists of NW MN Booklet

Request for Bids from Graphic Designers

4th Edition of the Artists of Northwest Minnesota Booklet

Bid Deadline: September 15, 2017

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is looking for a design/layout artist to complete the 4th Edition of our Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet.   This contract will start October 1, 2017 and complete in April 2018 or earlier.  We anticipate that the project will take about 40 hours of time.  Specialists with NWMAC are paid no more than $25.00 an hour.  Our budgeted amount to spend on this contract is $1,000.00.  This is a guideline.

The booklet will be a half page glossy publication, similar to version 1, 2, and 3 to date.  Look to our 3rd version to see the accepted design layout.  Pitch your concept for color, font, page design, cover design to the selection panel.

Letters of interest should be accompanied with mock ups of your proposed design; examples of your past work and qualifications as a designer.  Address in your letter your ability to do the job in a timely manner and stay to the timeline, referencing successful projects within the last five years. This project involves back and form communication with artists to check their submitted info and make revisions through email and phone calls.  The designer will work with the print shop selected to provide a high quality file for printing.  Designer will create a hyperlink active pdf suitable for our website.  Note:  a great example is on our website for the 3rd edition. Preference will be given to local designers.

Approximate time for work activities                                      hours

  • Learn about project/Finalize Design                                   4
  • Data Entry/Design Artist and Org Pages, links            20
  • Design Covers & Interior Pages                                               6
  • Info check w/artists                                                                         5
  • Revisions                                                                                               3
  • File Export/Organize/Delivery                                                2

Here are the terms of the contract for the designer: 

  1. The Designer will return a signed copy of this contract by October 15, 2017.
  2. The Designer will conceptualize the design and provide an example to the Arts Council by November 15, 2017.
  3. The Designer will enter data and design all cover and interior pages.
  4. The Designer will work with the Arts Council Director and the printer to complete the Artist booklet by March 1, 2018 in the format suitable for the printing shop.
  5. Prior to submittal for printing, the Designer will check all information contained within, with the individual artists and the Arts Council staff in the months of January and February 2018.
  6. The Designer will create a pdf for the entire booklet suitable for our website and give an electronic copy of the booklet to the Council.
  7.  The Designer will submit to the Arts Council a completed evaluation form.  The form will be provided by the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council and must be returned at the completion of the booklet project.

Thank you for your interest.  Please call our office if you have questions 218-745-9111 or email



American Composers Forum Emerging Composer Award

Nominations invited for the Minnesota Emerging Composer Award (MECA)

Deadline: Monday, August 21 at 4:30pm CDT

As a complement to our long-running Jerome Fund for New Music, ACF is seeking to expand their reach by identifying and supporting artists who typically operate outside their known circles. Through a $3000 project grant, MECA supports individuals working in a variety of non-commercial genres, including electronic, improvised, jazz, experimental, traditional, and world musics. The nomination process is simple: use the links on the program page to point them to a variety of work samples and background information on the artist, along with your endorsement. They will take it from there.

Nominate a Deserving Artist Here

Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Emerging Artists


The online application for the 2017/18 Jerome Foundation Fellowships for Emerging Artists is now open. The deadline for applying is Friday, September 15, 2017, at noon.

Artists considered for these fellowships may work in a variety of visual art media, including both traditional and new media. The program is aimed at visual artists who can present their work in a gallery context, and eligible applicants must be in the early stages of their careers and have not yet attained professional acknowledgment commensurate with the quality of their work. MCAD and the Jerome Foundation welcome applications from artists representing diverse cultural perspectives.

An independent jury of three arts professionals competitively awards five grants of $12,000 each to emerging Minnesota artists. Fellowships may be used to purchase materials, cover the production costs of artwork, and supplement living or travel costs. During the twelve-month fellowship year, each artist receives three studio visits from professional critics, access to technical assistance, a culminating exhibition at the MCAD Gallery, a catalog with a critical essay on each artist’s work, and the opportunity to partake in a public panel discussion.

This program is administered by the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. Contact Kerry Morgan, program director, at or 612.874.3667 for more information.

Made Here Open Call for Submissions!

Energy: Made Here Open Call


Hennepin Theatre Trust is accepting artists’ submissions for the fall/winter 2017 Made Here Showcases.

Made Here, a project of the Trust, temporarily fills empty storefronts and commercial spaces that are in transition with art by local artists, turning WeDo™ – the West Downtown MPLS  Cultural District — into a walkable urban art gallery.

The theme for the fall/winter Showcases is “Energy.” For this round, artists and artist groups are invited to submit proposals for window Showcase displays that interpret this theme. Open to your creativity, your installation might be an exploration of the forces that inspire you, thoughts on what powers our world or a display about what drives your creative practice.

Artists and artist groups may submit their proposals from now until 11:59 p.m. on Monday, August 14.

This Made Here round will coincide with Super Bowl LII, which starts on Sunday, February 4th at US Bank Stadium — just blocks away from WeDo. This event is projected to bring in 125,400 non-resident visitors — offering more potential exposure to participating Made Here artists than ever before.

Made Here features artists with all levels of experience — from those who have never exhibited work to internationally renowned professionals.

Made Here also features artists representing diverse communities. On average, 40 percent of Made Here artists are from communities of color. They also aim for balanced gender representation and make it a priority to include seniors, children, artists with disabilities, LGBTQ+ artists and artists from Greater Minnesota.


All submissions will be considered, reviewed and curated by the Made Here Arts Advisory Panel based on the following criteria:

Compelling: artistically strong in concept and execution, compelling to a diverse audience and actively engaging to the public
Viable: agile, adaptive, innovative and achievable with the resources, funds and spaces available
Relevant: responsive to and engaging with diverse audiences, themes, neighborhoods and landscapes
Quality: the work presented is of exemplary quality —specifically in regards to the medium in which it is presented

In the interest of accessibility and inclusivity, artist statements, resumes or exhibition histories are not required to apply. The panel curates each open call blind — meaning that panelists review the art without knowledge of the artists’ names in an effort to produce an unbiased selection.


For eligibility to participate in Made Here, all artists and artist groups must be current residents of Minnesota.

The Trust is unable to accept proposals that are demonstrative; feature graphic sexual or violent imagery; include an element of live performance in or outside of the window displays; support an elected official or candidate; or invite the public to enter the space. Proposal materials must be created at an off-site location and then assembled in a single visit with limited assistance.


Each selected submission receives a stipend of $500.00. If selected, all participating artists must submit a signed W9 form and a signed “Display Terms and Conditions” contract.

Upon selection, one site visit with a representative from the Trust’s Public Art and Placemaking department is required in order to discuss and schedule the timing of your installation. Each participating artist will be given one day to install his/her Showcase with a maximum of six hours of assistance from the Made Here team. Work is not permitted onsite outside of installation times.

Please refer to their current Made Here Showcases for examples of successful outcomes and available empty storefront and commercial locations:

All Showcases will be professionally photographed and featured on a dedicated page on the Made Here website ( The Trust will actively promote the exhibition and share through its own communication channels, including emails and social media.

Each Made Here artist will be provided access to a clean, safe commercial storefront to create a Showcase with access to electrical access, extension cords, clamp lamps, light bulbs, minimal hardware and power strips, as needed. Professional installation assistance is available upon request.

There is a limited amount of technology available for Showcases, including several flat screen TVs, projectors, reverse projection screen materials and DVD players.


June 13, 2017: Energy: Made Here open call begins

August 14, 2017: Energy: Made Here open call ends

August 28, 2017: Selected artists announced

September 20 – October 7, 2017: Mandatory site visits completed

October 12, 2017: Showcase installations begin

December 2, 2017: Showcase installations complete

December 19, 2017: Energy: Made Here launches, 5  8 p.m.

April 4, 2018: Deinstallation of all Showcases begins

For inquiries, please contact Hannah Novillo Erickson, the Trust’s artist coordinator, at

Special thanks to Andersen Windows for being the presenting sponsor of Made Here. Additional sponsorship is provided by Le Méridien Chambers Minneapolis and the McKnight Foundation.


Friday, Jun 16th 2017


Monday, Aug 14th 2017, 11:45pm