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Betsy Saurdiff

Betsy Saurdiff

Grygla, MN 56727

County: Marshall

 INQUIRIES: (701)373-5543   bettspottery@gmail.com


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ART DISCIPLINES: ceramist/potter, fiber artist, printer

Nesting Bowls by Betsy Saurdiff
MN Nice Mugs by Betsy Saurdiff $26

Offering: Functional pottery: mugs with MN Nice logo, loons, deer, ND State Flower; Repurposed wool mittens.

Antler bowl by Betsy Saurdiff $70.

Artist statement: “My primary interest is pottery. I draw inspiration from local plant and animal life. Smooth, glossy glazes cover motifs of deer, loons, blueberries and lady slippers. My work is meant to be used daily, a hot cup of coffee in a mug, mashed potatoes in a serving bowl, or fresh bread on a platter. My secondary interest is sewing, especially recycling wool into warm mittens, giving old sweaters a new life. I enjoy printmaking, especially linoleum block printing. I enjoy the whole process, from planning and carving to printing.”

Betsy Saurdiff Pottery

Betsy sells her creations at fairs and in a few locations in Minnesota and North Dakota. She is looking to expand to local retail outlets. Contact her for information on where/how to purchase. Prices range depending on piece. Minnesota Nice Mugs $26, Swittens $28, and antler bowls $70.

Swittens $28 a pair
Swittens $28 a pair

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