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Public Meeting!

Please attend our final public meeting on May 1, 2019. Everyone from Northwest Minnesota is welcome! It will be at 2:00 PM at our office in 109 S Minnesota St, Warren, MN 56762.

Leading up to this meeting, all comments from residents of our service area in northwestern Minnesota (see list below) are welcome as we complete the planning process for both our two year State biennial plan for July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021; and our McKnight Foundation proposal for September 1, 2019 – August 31, 2021. Comments can be emailed to or mailed to NWMAC, 109 S Minnesota St, Warren, MN 56762. A great way to comment prior to May 1 is to complete our needs assessment for arts interested public. Here is the active link

Thank you to the one hundred and fifty people who have provided input into this plan! Your ideas and feedback continue to be our biggest asset during planning. The draft of our biennial plan is posted to our website in our About Us section under Annual Report, Plans, and Needs Assessment. Our current biennial plan is on the same page.

We have two main needs assessments. One is on-going for those that have applied for a grant or used a service offered by our Arts Council. Here is the link if you have not completed the survey lately. You can complete it once a year. This survey has already been compiled for this planning cycle but your responses will be reviewed as we develop our future FY2022-23 biennial plan.

The second is for Arts Interested Public and the link will be open until the end of April 2019 for comments and responses. If you cannot attend the May 1 meeting but can complete the Arts Interested Public survey (takes about 10 minutes) please click the link . Any last minute comments between April 1 and April 30 will be brought to the meeting on May 1. We are proud to say that our plan is grounded in the needs of artists, arts leaders, and arts interested public!

This meeting occurs between two Arts Council meetings (April 18 and later on May 1). Plan submission is the next week so don’t delay.

We look forward to continuing to serve our area of Northwest Minnesota including the counties of Kittson, Marshall, Norman, Pennington, Polk, Red Lake, and Roseau.

Searching for new Showcase Specialist: deadline June 1

Are you interested in joining the team at Northwest Minnesota Arts Council?  We are hiring our contract workers for FY 2019!

NWMAC’s three contract positions:

  • Showcase Specialist
  • Promotions/Marketing Specialist
  • Networking/Training Specialist

Each contract is a maximum of $16,000 from July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019.  The pay scale is specialist at $25.00 per hour and a government rate for mileage reimbursement.  These positions are flexible based on your own schedule to complete the work listed in the contract.  You work from your home on your personal equipment.  You are not an employee.

Right now, in May, our office is receiving letters of interest and resumes from candidates to be considered for these three positions.   We are especially searching for the Showcase Specialist since that position will be vacant.   Note:  Our gallery is in East Grand Forks so distance from EGF will be a factor due to budget constraints.

How to apply?  Write a letter that states your interest and qualifications to complete the tasks, and send your resume.  You can email your information to or mail your information to our office at NWMAC, 109 S Minnesota St, Warren, MN  56762.   All materials are due by June 1, 2018.    All contracts will begin July 1, 2018.

Showcase Specialist tasks:  (Please email our office for a more detailed list of tasks if you are interested.)

  • Riverwalk Gallery:  Coordinate eight different gallery showcases and receptions in East Grand Forks.   Update the publications section of our gallery with new brochures and printouts, etc.
  • Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibit:  Assist with the display set-up and Artist Reception for the Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibit in Badger in April 2019.
  •  Traveling Show:  Select pieces, arrange tour,  move the exhibit throughout the library locations.  Distribute booklets.
  • E-newsletter:  Create a monthly artist opportunities e-newsletter in Constant Contact.
  • Media:  Design marketing pieces, press releases and media announcements for showcase projects .
  • Artist Training: Share information with artists on our training and opportunities.  Bring forward ideas for more workshops/training for artists based on their feedback.
  • Three anticipated extra activities outside our region: Rural Arts and Culture Summit in Bemidji MN in June 2019.  Arts Advocacy Day in St Paul in February 2019.  RAC’s of MN Staff Retreat in St Cloud in August of 2018.  All these events need contract staff to write to the board for approval of pre-approved maximum for time/travel used within contract or in additional to contract.
  • Provide a print-out of your completed work activities for Arts Council meetings in Nov and June that includes statistics/evaluation, pictures, and upcoming events.   Attend the annual meeting in June if available to present.

Promotions Specialist tasks:

  • Continual website updates and coordination
  • Continue to develop and increase our promotion on social media including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.
  • Attend the NWMAC Artist Reception annually to take pictures and post to our social media about the event. Attend other events locally as schedule and budget permits to promote and announce our/their activities.
  • Complete a once a month e-newsletter with information for organizations.
  • Improve the NWMAC on-line directory, Artist of NW Minnesota booklet, and include only updated relevant information.
  • Arrange for one artist or arts leader monthly to talk about their artform on our radio spot as a feature. Coordinate all weekly radio guests and our staff including communication with the radio station and guests to ensure that they are informed and available.
  • Work with the Training Specialist to market workshops through our e-newsletter, flyers to libraries/arts locations, word of mouth, and press release announcements. Inform participants about workshop specifics and provide technical assistance to individuals involved in the process of business development.
  • Continue to create a platforms and campaigns for individuals and businesses to give charitable donations to the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council through GiveMN.
  • Work with groups to get their information into Explore Minnesota Tourism. Learn the Explore Minnesota Tourism system.  Put NWMAC announcements on the site.
  • Use Remind App for announcements.
  • Create two six-month reports for the NWMAC Board of Directors on statistics related to promotion and marketing. Attend the annual meeting in June if available to present.

Training Specialist tasks:  (email for a detailed list of tasks)

  • Teaching Artist Roster Training: coordinate and conduct Fall 2018 training sessions in Warren and Roseau.
  • Theater Tech training and theater skills training day/conference coordination
  • Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists workshop series in Warren.    Coordinate and attend.
  • Minnesota’s Creative Northwest network meetings in Thief River Falls monthly for one hour, and branching out to more communities throughout the contract year.  Coordinate/attend.
  • Report on progress at Nov/Dec and June meetings of NWMAC.  Attend the annual meeting in June if available to present.


Job Postings: Promotions Specialist; Showcase Specialist

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council hires two main contract positions each year.  Please let us know if you are interested in being considered for these two positions.   Submit a cover letter NWMNAC artlogodescribing how you are qualified to fulfill the contract and send your current resume, to our office by June 1, 2016.    

Promotions Specialist:  Excels in working with the media, social media, and web presence.

Pay Scale is considered a contracted specialist.  The work activities take approximately 520 hours a year spread out over 12 months.  A contract for $13,000 was used last year to complete the work activities.  There are no benefits.

Promotions Work Activities:

  1. Website updates and coordination
  2. Develop and increase promotion on social media
  3. Attend the NWMAC Artist Reception annually to take pictures and post to our social media about the event.
  4. Complete a once a month e-newsletter
  5. Improve the NWMAC on-line directory
  6. Arrange for one artists or arts leader monthly to talk on our radio spot.  Coordinate all weekly radio segments.
  7. Determine one workshop annually to offer related to promotion and marketing.  Announce, attend, and arrange the workshop.
  8. Create platforms for charitable donations
  9. Work with groups to use Explore MN Tourism website
  10. Promote information on residency artists
  11. Create two six-month reports for the Board of Directors on statistics related to promotion and marketing.

Showcase Specialist:  Creates and installs exhibits

Pay Scale is considered a contracted specialist.  The work activities take approximately 600 hours a year spread out over 12 months.  A contract for $15,000 was issued last year to complete the work activities.  There are no benefits.

  1. Coordinate five different gallery showcases in East Grand Forks for the Art and Wine Walk months.  Attend Art and Wine walk events.  Coordinate food and beverage.  Evaluate each events.
  2. Coordinate bi-monthly shows running Nov/Dec; Jan/Feb; March/April in the gallery in East Grand Forks
  3. Coordinate the food/location and final details for two opening receptions for Arts Midwest World Fest in Thief River Falls.  Attend the two Saturday concerts to run the ticket selling table.  Audit the cash received for the concert.
  4. Assist with the display set-up for the Northwest Minnesota Art Exhibit.  Attend the reception and help dismantle the exhibit.  Select pieces for the traveling exhibit.
  5. Arrange dates and locations for the traveling exhibit to area libraries.  Move the exhibit from location to location.  Eight times from May through December.  Drop off artwork with artists or arrange for the pick-up of artwork.
  6. Create a monthly artist opportunities e-newsletter in constant contact.  Work with the Promotions specialist in a team effort.
  7. Design marketing pieces for showcase projects within the contract.  Create press releases and media announcements for projects within the contract.
  8. Determine at least one artist workshop per year.  Market the workshop and attend.
  9. Provide a print-out of completed work activities each six months in late November and late May; include statistics/evaluation and upcoming events.

Note:  The work activities have been slightly abbreviated above.  The see a full listing please contact our office.

Grant Workshop in Roseau

Please attend the grant workshop in Roseau this Wednesday at 6:00 at the library conference room.  Minnesota State Arts Board staff will spend the majority of the time going through their grant programs.  Our NWMAC showcase specialist Therese Jacobson will be in attendance to go through our programs available and answer questions on how to showcase your work in our gallery in EGF.

Wednesday, May 18
Location: Roseau Public Library
Roseau City Center, Suite 100
121 Center Street East
Roseau, Minnesota 56751
Group session: 6:00 – 7:30 p.m.
The session will cover Arts Board grant opportunities for artists, arts organizations, schools, community organizations, and human and social service organizations.
Individual appointments with a program officer (30 minutes each)
Appointments are offered at 3:00, 3:30, 4:00, and 4:30 p.m.


The information sessions and individual appointments are open to the public and free of charge. Advance registration is not required, but is strongly encouraged.
Click on the location below to register for an information session:


Register for individual appointments (30 minutes each) by calling the Arts Board front desk:
(651) 215-1600
Toll free (800) 866-2787
MN Relay 7-1-1ual artists.  They can also answer questions on their variety of programs.


Take the Creative People Survey


Minnesota’s Creative Workers and Artists: An Economic Impact Survey
Artists COUNT! Artists are an important part of a healthy community. Artists contribute to the economy, as well as the vitality, of Minnesota. Artists have significant economic clout. Let’s prove it.

Are you wondering whether this applies to you?  Here are three questions on the survey that help show the wide scope of participants.   Everyone from hobby pottery makers to professional architects to theater ushers to arts administrators to school band conductors.  

How do you categorize your primary artistic discipline? 

Available selections include…. Inter-Disciplinary/Multi-Disciplinary; Architecture; Crafts; Dance; Design Arts; Folk-life/Traditional Arts; History; Humanities; Literature; Media Arts; Music; Opera/Musical Theater; Photography; Theater; Visual Arts; Other

How do you categorize your primary artistic job or role?

Actor; Animator; Anthropologist; Archaeologist; Architect; Archivist; Art Director; Artist; Audio or Video Technician; Camera Operator; Choreographer; Composer; Conductor; Conservator; Costume Attendant; Craft Artist; Curator; Dancer; Director; Editor; Fashion Designer; Floral Designer; Graphic Designer; Illustrator; Industrial Designer; Jeweler; Library Assistant; Makeup Artist; Management; Museum Director; Musical Instrument Repair; Musician; Painter; Photographer; Precious Stone or Metal Worker; Producer; Radio Announcer; Sculptor; Set Designer; Singer; Sound Engineer; Teacher; Usher; Video Editor; Writer/Author; Other

Using the definitions below, how do you most accurately define your status as an artist?

  • Full-time artist (i.e., you support yourself entirely or primarily through your artistic or creative work)
  • Part-time artist (i.e., you also work outside of your artistic or creative work in order to support yourself)
  • Hobby artist (i.e., you don’t rely on your artistic or creative work to produce income)
  • Other (a description is required)

Over 160 nonprofit and foundation partners are working together to make the economic impact study for creatives happen including Minnesota Citizens for the Arts, Springboard for the Arts, and many other important arts and artist service organizations in every corner of the state (you can see a list of the partners at This study will be used to generate public and private support for individual artists, and to advocate for more services for artists. The result will be more attention, respect, and funding for artists and their efforts to make their art and their living in Minnesota.

The best way we can prove the economic clout of artists is to hear from artists themselves about how they earn their living and how many dollars they are spending in their community. Participation is voluntary, of course, but very important.

Your information and privacy will be COMPLETELY PROTECTED. This survey is housed on a secure site with firewall protection. The information gathered by the researchers will never been seen by the partner organizations and will be reported in aggregate only. Your individual information will NEVER BE SHARED.