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Artists are all around us but sometimes finding a specific artists can be a bit difficult.  Keeping track of whom is the main contact for our local arts groups, what address they use, and whether they have a website and email can also be confusing!  Lots of artists are using social media to promote their art and communicate with potential customers.

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has a specific booklet called Artists of Northwest Minnesota geared at listing and promoting artists in our region.  You can request a current print copy or ask for copies to distribute at your retail location.   We print every three years and they are listed below.


Teaching Artist Roster Program (TARP) is a program that trains artists in our area for working with kids or adults in an artist in residency environment in our schools and communities.  There is a special TARP roster on our website with more information on what they offer to students.  Our grants can help sponsor in an artist on the roster.   If you would like to apply to be a TARP artist there is an application within our on-line grants system.  Often a Post on our website, highlights the next deadline and dates for training.


Artist of Northwest Minnesota (Copyright 2018) – The latest edition of our performing, writing, visual, fine crafters, photographers and arts sites.  Forty pages with 39 featured individuals and 58 businesses/organizations!  4th Edition.  Click the link to page through the directory:  2018 Artists of Northwest Minnesota Booklet

2015 Artist of Northwest Minnesota Artists of Northwest Minnesota  (Copyright 2015) – This publication features visual artists, fine crafters, photographers, a few performing artists and writers; as well as art sites within our region.  Third Edition.  Here is the link: 2015 Artists of Northwest Minnesota Booklet


Artists of Northwest Minnesota (copyright 2011) – Full color printed publication featuring visual artists, fine crafters, and photographers, as well as arts sites, in our region.  2nd Edition.  Click into this next page to scroll through this edition>>>

Artists of Northwest Minnesota
1st Edition Cover Page

Artists of Northwest Minnesota (copyright 2008) – Full color printed booklet featuring 33 visual artists, fine crafters, and photographers and art sites in our region.  1st Edition.  This copy is now ten years old.

Our call for entries for the 5th edition will be in the Spring of 2020.

How do I get myself or my organization listed in Artists of Northwest Minnesota?

To be listed please contact to receive a form to fill out with your information.   If you would like to be listed in the Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet a fifth call for entries will occur in Spring of 2020.  We print every three years.  As the deadline approaches, we do announcements in our e-newsletter, in a Post on our website, and within press releases.  But you can always get your listing in early!

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