Arts Directory

Artists are all around us but sometimes finding a specific artists can be a bit difficult.  Keeping track of whom is the main contact for our local arts groups, what address they use, and whether they have a website and email can also be confusing!

The Northwest Minnesota Arts Council has several publications that are geared at listing and promoting artists in our region.


Artists of Northwest Minnesota
1st Edition Cover Page

Artists of Northwest Minnesota (copyright 2008) – Full color printed booklet featuring 33 visual artists, fine crafters, and photographers in our region.  It also lists arts sites within our region.



Artists of Northwest Minnesota (copyright 2011) – Full color printed publication featuring visual artists, fine crafters, and photographers, as well as arts sites, in our region.  Click into this next page to scroll through this edition>>>

2015 Artist of Northwest Minnesota Artists of Northwest Minnesota  (Copyright 2015) – The latest edition of our artists directory.  This publication features visual artists, fine crafters, photographers, as well as art sites within out region.  Here is the latest rendition: 2015 Artists of Northwest Minnesota Booklet

Also the next Directory page links to visual, performing, and writing artists who missed our call in the Spring of 2014 for the 3rd edition but still want to be listed.

Our call for entries for the 3rd edition was in the Spring of 2014.

Performing Artists of Northwest Minnesota

A growing list of individuals, partners, groups and organizations specializing in music, dance, theater, storytelling, and other performing arts genres within our region.  It includes a list of performing spaces and rehearsal sites and special features in our region for artists interested in recording and performing.

Writers and Book Artists of Northwest Minnesota

A growing list of individuals and organizations specializing in writing, illustrating, books arts, and other literary arts genres within our region.  It includes a list of our libraries and resources for those interested in this genre.

How do I get myself or my organization listed?

To be listed in the performing arts or literary arts section, please contact Mara Hanel to receive a form to fill out with your information.   If you would like to be listed in the Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet a fourth call for entries will occur in Spring of 2017.  We print every three years.

Serving Artists and Arts Organizations