Enhanced Listing: Andy Hall, Owner of Sweetlight Photographic Gallery

Andy Hall, owner of Sweetlight Photographic Gallery, located at 119 N Main Street, Crookston, MN. 56716 (gallery location) but all mail to 306 1st St. NW. Climax, MN 56523.

County: Polk

Inquiries: 612-269-3601 sweetlightphoto@gmail.com www.sweetlightphoto.com

Instagram= sweetlight.photo

Facebook= Sweetlight Gallery

Climax Storm. Artist Andy Hall

Offering: Photography (fine art, nature and still life photography printed of paper, canvas and metal. Custom printing services also available to the public. Introductory and Intermediate Photography classes offered.

Snowy Pasque Flower. Artist: Andy Hall

Artist Statement: “My primary interest is in photographing the natural world, whether grand landscapes or the tiniest insects. I also have a particular passion for photographing abandoned building and old objects.”

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