Designer Needed — Please Apply

Request for Bids from Graphic Designers

5th Edition of the Artists of Northwest Minnesota Booklet

Bid Deadline: December 15, 2020

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council is looking for a design/layout artist to complete the 5th Edition of our Artists of Northwest Minnesota booklet.   This contract will start December 17, 2020 and complete in April 2021 or earlier.  We anticipate that the project will take about 46 hours of time.  Specialists with NWMAC are paid no more than $25.00 an hour.  Our budgeted amount to spend on this contract is $1,150.   

The booklet will be a half page glossy publication, similar to version 1, 2, 3, and 4 to date.  Look to our 4th version to see the accepted design layout.  Pitch your concept for color, font, page design, cover design to the selection panel. 

Letters of interest should be accompanied with mock-ups of your proposed design; examples of your past work and qualifications as a designer.  Address in your letter your ability to do the job in a timely manner and stay to the timeline, referencing successful projects within the last five years. This project involves back and form communication with artists to check their submitted info and make revisions through email and phone calls.  The designer will work with the Forum Communications print shop to provide a high quality file for printing.  Designer will create a hyperlink active pdf suitable for our website.  Note:  a great example is our 4th edition located here.

Preference will be given to local designers.

Approximate time for work activities hours

  • Learn about project/Finalize Design                             4
  • Data Entry/Design Artist and Org Pages                    20
  • Link all emails and webpages                                           6
  • Design Covers & Interior Pages                                        6
  • Info check w/artists                                                                  5
  • Revisions                                                                                      3
  • File Export/Organize/Delivery                                         2

Here are the terms of the contract for the designer and our draft timeline: 

  1. The Designer will return a signed copy of this contract by December 21, 2021.
  2. The Designer will conceptualize the design and provide an example to the Arts Council by January 15, 2021.
  3. The Designer will enter data and design all cover and interior pages.
  4. The Designer will work with the Arts Council Director and the printer to complete the Artist booklet by March 1, 2021 in the format suitable for the printing shop.
  5. Prior to submittal for printing, the Designer will check all information contained within, with the individual artists and the Arts Council staff in the months of January and February 2021.
  6. The Designer will create a pdf for the entire booklet suitable for our website and give an electronic copy of the booklet to the Council.
  7.  The Designer will submit to the Arts Council a completed evaluation form.  The form will be provided by the Northwest Minnesota Arts Council and must be returned at the completion of the booklet project.

Thank you for your interest.  Please call our office if you have questions 218-745-8886 or email