An Enemy of the People in Hallock July 25 & 26

An Enemy of the People

7:00 pm Wednesday & Thursday July 23 and 24

Downtown Gazebo Park and Hallock City Hall

Known for turning classic plays into unique and entertaining theater experiences, Sod House Theater will bring a blue grass infused adaptation of Henrik Ibsen’s, An Enemy of the People, to nine Minnesota communities this summer.

The classic play examines how a community responds when a local doctor threatens to expose that the water it relies upon for tourism is being poisoned.  It questions how far a community will go protect their town’s secret in order to avoid financial ruin.  Join us for summer fun and action packed live theater!

The play will be performed at site specific locations throughout the city and feature interactive activities including a live vote during the show.

You don’t want to miss this fun event!

An Enemy of the People features Joy Dolo, Darcey Engen, Ashley Hanson, Alex Hathaway, Brian Laidlaw, Del Logeais, Luverne Seifert, JoNathan Thomas and Suzanne Warmanen and actors/musicians from the Hallock area.

There is no cost to attend the play but donations will be accepted.

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