NWMAC Gallery’s Portrait Exhibit by Regional Artists: Reception May 19

Northwest Minnesota Arts Council’s Portrait Exhibit is now open at the River Walk Artists Gallery. Stop by to see it today!


Traditionally, a portrait is a representation of a person, with a focus on his or her face–giving the viewer hints not only to the lifestyle and qualities of the individual, but also a snapshot of the time and culture wherein he or she lived. With further artistic depth, the viewer may also get a glimpse of the experiences the person represented may have enthralled in or endured. A single portrait may have the power to become a statement for an entire generation, or contrarily, it can simply be a personal moment captured in time. Whether public or private–a portrait can reveal, but it can also disguise. A portrait can enlighten, but can also leave viewers mystified, wanting to know more.

One thing is for certain–whether drawn, painted, photographed, sculpted, carved, commissioned or caught by accident–without the art of portraiture, the identity of humanity today and throughout history would be harder to trace or understand. It would be hard to look to the past and understand who we are and where we’ve been. Perhaps one of the most important subject matters in fine art, portraits also remind us to really look at one another, rather than just consider each other with a passing glace.  If you could choose one portrait to represent who you are–what would it look like?

“The works of art on display at the NWMAC gallery feature many subjects–the young, the elder, and everywhere in between. Subjects range from self-portraits, loved ones, those we’ve lost, and those we’d like to know better. A must see collection–each representation tells a story. Each portrait is a unique work of art.” – Kat Allen, NWMAC Exhibition Specialist.

An Artists’ Reception will be help for all the portrait artists on Saturday, May 19, starting at 1:00 P.M. during the Art & Wine Walk Event! Please join us in viewing the artwork and meeting the artists!


The NWMAC Gallery is located at 211 DeMers Avenue in East Grand Forks (within the Riverwalk Artists Gallery), open ThursdaySaturday, 2:00–8:00 P.M. and Sunday, 2:00–5:00 P.M. For more information about this exhibit, commissioning a portrait, or, if you are an artist interested in exhibiting a body of work with NWMAC, please contact Kat Allen at (701) 360-0805 or email NWArtsCouncil@gmail.com.